July 8th, 2007


Sunday, July 8

G'morn'en. :)
Well... ok, afternoon.
Feels a bit like morning... it's still gray and a bit wet... we got up a tad bit on the late side, like 11:00 ('ish).
That "we" is Ed, Geo and I. Suz was cottage girl with girlees from work last night.
No way she got as good a sleep as we did. :)

We're having our new neighbors over for a coffee in a bit,
so I've been clean clean boy ... and doing some touch ups in the basement.
It's like... an ENDLESS process of little bit things before I get cooking on the other room.
Procrastination... of a sort, I s'pose. :)
no worries though.
Life is long.

~ crummy jeans and an old tee...
~ gonna change tho... better jeans and a better tee... because I'm so flipp'en creative with clothes. :)
~ answer the door. :)
~ oh... and try to watch BB8 tonight. We'll see if I can "get into" it this season. I always say that, I think... :)
~ to tell whatilove that Rocco... is adorable! (bark bark bark)
~ for the tax monkeys to be kind to the_bean
~ and for sweet relief to find ewtikins some replacement muscles for the day. :)

birthday moments...
Happy birthday suburbiadaze... and where ever you are... may the day find you happy. :)
and a very happy b-day to dana7880... who is likely still riding on a cloud. :) I'm so glad to read about all the great times you been having as this years 'big day' sneaks up. :) Go you. May your day kick off a year just a great as the last couple of weeks. :)

I think... instead of typing more... I'll go make brownies. :)
See ya. :D