July 6th, 2007


Friday, July 6

Yeah... massive major, thunder-encrusted, super big, super trippy cloud burst with sheeeeets and sheeeeets of rain...
Then straight back to sunshine and a day made primarily of lovely... in powdered form...
You go out side... you breath in that post-rain-grand-sunshine air... smelling the summer on the air.
Basically, your doing liners of lovely and smiling the whole time.

And I think I'm gonna go do some bbq for a while... see if I can get my family all stuffed and full.

~ same ol'same'ol... khaki shorts (dancing carpet boy video) and a comfy tee.
~ up and at'em... drive the boys to day-camp,
~ do two conference calls... one in the camp parking lot, and another in a starbucks parking lot.
~ skate...
~ home... finish 1 of my last 2 deliverables on the current project...
~ start and must finish part 2.
~ get suz's car into Mr. Lube... I love their semi-throw-back-to-1950's and the gang of people servicing your vehicle.
~ visit my mom... and try to figure out why he machine wont upload new pics to her gallery... grrrr! :)
~ home again... work work work... dinner and play... then more work till it's done. !!
~ I hadn't missed Big Brother last night... I'm sure I can download it... so yeah, I'll do that. :)
~ that wenchlette ... sets a new personal best record... (snarf! :D)
~ and that I get to see the hard cover version of that new book ... called crushdmb... it's a best seller. :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday little miss laekia.... may the year ahead keep you safe and sound and wrapped up in smiles... and ... you're prol'y living in facebook so we'll see. :D
And to the wrestlemania slash ultimate fighter dude... jeremyb... Happy birthday and watch out for those little killers. :D May the year bring you much to be thankful for.
AND!!! (although... she's also likely vanished for a while) A very happy birthday to greyenigma. Next year? big year!! This is going to be an amazing time for you and I wish you all the best... success and all that, for sure... but mostly... have a great time!

I'd like to just say...
Baby let me show you how to do this
You've gotta move this
You're doin fine
There's nothin to it
You gotta groove it
Come on and move this

Shake that body for me
Shake that body for me
Shake that body

I want Daleks... Ed would flip his little chart if I could come up with a Dalek action figure... !!

smile... somebody loves you.