July 5th, 2007


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~ being in a great mood... is a wonderful thing for me... but not so much for everybody that has to live with me. I get all "singeee". Today's selection? "You are my sunshine... my only sunshine... " etc. Performed as opera.

~ set the record straight: "If a tree falls in the forest..." NO. It doesn't make a sound. It makes sound when theres something to vibrate against... like your ear. *and* "Which came first? The chicken or..." omg... d'uh. Of course the egg... the genetic malfunction / evolution that resulted in a chicken... happens at the egg stage.

~ it totally blows pigs in space when the 1-800-i-want-help phone number on the back of your mastercard gets you a fifteen minute toe-tapping "hold please" thing that you totally give up on.

~ it seems I have a rather "lot" of hair again. ... I mean, in contrast to how short I get it cut. Shaggy and gray... not sure if I can pull that off with a big ol'bald spot. :)

Thursday, July 5

Shiny nose time. :)

Everything says "Rain". The little weather widget in firefox? rain rain and stormy rain... The weather man? Rain.  All the leaves on the trees... blowing in the wind... are upside down... (which means? - jeopardy music - it's going to rain!) and ... there's blue sky and sunshine. Well ok...there's clouds too. But still. :)
Lunch time skate park was all about

~ shorts and a comfy long sleeve
~ a smile... still
~ up and wave'en as suz takes the boys to camp...
~ meet with plumbers to try to solve some weird problem we're having... and they get nowhere ... nowhere...!! more "senior" journeyman plumber dude is coming in on Monday now...
~ work work work...
~ skate park at lunch...
~ work work work...
~ and I expect to talk everyone into going out for dinner. :) I'm thinking East Side Mario's...
~ ... oh, and a lot of smiling tonight. :) (still riding a bit high on skate park stuff... feeling good about having so much fun. :D)
~ that pageeater keeps look'en for cool...
~ to send some of that lj love out to [Unknown LJ tag]... just 'cuz...
~ and for a little dry time to come to sparklegrrl

Six more Canadians blown up by a roadside bomb in Af-crap-istan.
Two seconds into the news report... there's the voice from a uniform telling us how "their sacrifice will have been in vain if we let the loss move us away from out mission."
And I'm pissed all over again.
What mission? First of all there is no mission. I cannot find any record of there being an actual mission... it's just ongoing, never ending, screwing around in someone elses country getting attacked. Exactly who are the good guys?
And, of course, what would be a more fitting tribute to the ultimate price paid by these soldiers, and their families... than to go and get a whole bunch more soldiers killed, maimed and otherwise boned!!
~ sick of Afghanistan.

Oh I've been having fun over [ :: Here :: ] in the community for our local transit system (OC Transpo).
Seriously... some people are so quick to decide what is good for other people that you'd swear they had psychic powers or something...  I bet their all x-men!!

~ see ya. :)