July 2nd, 2007


Monday, July 2

~ yeah, just a little tired...

Sunshine. ;)
Blue sky...
But yesterday started like this... and it ended up cold, windy and wet (at times). So who knows.
For now... it's beautiful.

We had a lovely afternoon at my SILs house... they have a pool... The kids played, the rest of us ate and blabbed. She has a screened in porch that... basically replaces the entire house when company comes over and ... this is a good thing. It's lovely to sit there and soak up good company.

Oh and, once again, we totally lucked out on the fireworks thing.
We drove home from SILs house... made new coffee... changed into warm stuff and then zoooomed out again.
Driving towards the "Kanata" fireworks zone... means driving towards traffic nightmare... but we scooted here and there and I ended up popping into this spot that was impossibly close and strangely available. :D :D We got out ... walked through the dark towards the big band stand and all the throngs of people... and we stopped at the "pond" found a lovely place to plant ourselves and PRESTO. We were directly across the water (small pond... like 200 feet across) from the fireworks launching pad. :)

Home again... to play Wii and ... sadly, for me to work till 2:00 AM and finish as much as I could before my eyes started getting pissed at me. :)

~ black ftls
~ a white "sleep'y tee".
~ gah... up at an ungodly hour... considering the late hour of my ... er... retirement. :) (we saw 4... but that was after passing out on the sofa)
~ work work work... conference call at 9:00... AND NOBODY ELSE WAS THERE. Either the person with the conference "bridge" didn't show or they didn't have the meeting... and ... for not telling me... I curse each of them to grow hairy warts on their noses... big long black hairs...
~ Finished my "deliverables" at 9:45 AM and now I'm in screw-off-with-work mode...
~ maybe I'll get to doing the "silicon" in the basement... (tiny little beads of this white goop around all the edges of everything and sealing the window wells. :)
~ definitely some Wii.. :D I like tennis. :)
~ to smile at canuckgirl... and to wrap her up in hugs that scream about how proud of her accomplishments I am. :D
~ I could have a coffee with sexsatan04... because that would be nice.
~ to say how grand it is that there are big buckets of happy in the life and times of cybersweetie
~ and for the good-marks feirey to find her way to ninneviane.

Geo grade six grad day... :)

(Ed: bwaahahaha... :D :D)