July 1st, 2007


Sunday, July 1

Happy Canada Day.

It's July 1 and today... Canada celebrates her birthday and scratches another notch in the old "ain't we old" canoe.  I think we're ... like... 34 or something like that. You know... too old to be considered young, and young enough that all the old farts still resent us.

At least nobody has started bombing us over Nickleback. Phew.

~ oh it's a jeans and tee shirt day. :)
~ actually working this morning... pathetic... but necessary.
~ going to my SILs house for an afternoon pool party with the kids... even though it's cloudy and cold... :)
~ something, somewhere, for dinner and then a trip to the fireworks in Kanata. :) I entertained the notion of taking them downtown for the fireworks... but perhaps I'll do that next year.
~ my cat wasn't getting fat. I am trying very hard to monitor and measure her food... but she's still managing to get .. well... fat. Kitty Belly hangs under her.
~ I didn't have to work today... or tomorrow... (tomorrow is a stat holiday... in theory).
~ for the good times to keep on ... keeping on... in the life and times of uniclycommon ... may your grip on happiness... be iron fisted!!
~ that ratonil... discovers wonderful things about himself,
~ and to tell tonya that I'm jealous of her new printer. :D Cool beans sugar-t.

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to kaleidoscopeeye... a woman on the verge... a few short days from motherhood, and walking through a life that she made... she didn't fall into her happiness or trip over life and land all precious... She made choices... made hard decisions and chased her dreams... and her reward? It's happiness. It is a rare pleasure to share someones adventure that leads to these places. Have a wonderful year sugar-scope and may the big big change that is coming... bring you all the joy you can imagine.

Wii Wii Wii Wii, Wii Wii Wii Wii... Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii.

there's a tune there but I can't imagine that it's making itself understood. :)
However... I have to say... what is this "scarcity" that people are talking about?

Walk into future shop... walk out with a Wii, extra controllers, chargers, game... and get to say Weeeeee.
Kids pretty much exploded on impact.
Zelda, and the Twilight Princess... who continues to sound like "the toilet princess" when the kids say it... is making for some very happy little off-for-the-summer kids.
They both go to "CSI Camp" on Tuesday for the week (day camp, not over-night) and then skateboard / swimming camp in a couple of weeks... then we head off to a cottage for the beginning of August. The summer is going to vanish... I can just feel it getting ready to zip by.

Somehow... I will have to get the basement work done as these days zooooom by.