June 29th, 2007


Friday, June 29

Rain... glorious rain. :) Took all day to get here... but never-the-less. :)

It's truly bizzzzzzar to see these lovely brilliant green perfect circles in the yard...
like thirty foot diameter circles...
the range of ffft-ffft-ffft-ffft-pdpdpdpdpddp-ffft-ffft sprinkler thing.
It comes across as a bit of a two-tone green thing as I'm actually staying pretty much on-top of the yard and water and stuff...
But there are some outstandingly gorgeous front yards around here where they've just shaved that grass down low and it's frazzled.
So the big-green circles on those lawns... mighty bizarre looking. :D

~ well it's a "then" and "now" thing...
~ then? all dress-bessy with a new shirt (very comfy) and the tie / jacket thing... which only ever comes out for clients... so ... client meeting today.
~ now? shorts and a tee... covered in water drops from a bit of a cloud burst. :)
~ yeah, so up and slave'en for the man... :D
~ down to Hull to a client site... supposed to meet with a sales vp and a client... 'cept the "native Day of Action" deal had the downtown core locked up and I ended up with the client and the sales machine trapped in her office and on a conferency-call thing. :) oh joy... oh bliss.
~ home again... slave'en again... I'm actually supposed to work all weekend on this bid? Monday is Canada Day holiday... and I have "deliverables" all day long. What a frigg'en burn. !!
~ me... must get to re'laxen soon.
~ for a lot of tomorrows with sleep_walker in them...
~ that tonya cracks her code...
~ that aireal is smiling... while she's incommunicado
~ and for some quiet spiritual healing for lakme ... and hugs.

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday wish out to caroline75!! a girl that has well and truly earned herself a standing ovation for all she's accomplished. :) I hope this next year is a suitable reward for your hard work. May you get squeezed by the fingers of love... all the flippen time. :)
And misanthropoid! Happy birthday and if you're out there somewhere... I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)
cybersweetie too! Happy birthday girl who will never see this 'cause you vanished off the face of the earth. :) :D

So many successive governments in Canada have just completely
blown every chance they had to make any progress in our national
"Native Peoples" or "first nations" issues... it's just pathetic.  I'm pretty
much the first in line when it comes to handing out frustration when I
read about indian blockading a highway or a railway... and totally
pissed off when I read about armed camps and bullets flying.  But
chalk that up to my total intolerance for small time civil disobedience...
I'm all for Go Big or Go Home. And little piss-ant confrontations where
you force some stressed out local police department into a confrontation ...
I just wanna read about the dogs being sicked on 'em. But when you shut
down a city and march on parliament hill... well you can find me cheering
quietly in the background every time.
I don't know the answer to all the land-claim issues, but I know that the
Canadian government and the "First Nations" people share responsibility
for the stupid situation their all in now.

We can go to the frigging depths of hell in Afghanistan...
kill and die in terrible violence...
fighting an intangible enemy
to support a marginally appreciative, entire country of people
who live by a value system we cannot even remotely comprehend,
for reasons so complicated and convoluted that they defy explanation...
costing our country absolutely phenomenal amounts of money...
yet we can't sit down and sort out the problems with a few thousand natives in our own backyards.


We had a big time family dinner thing at my SILs house last night.
They just got a Wii.
The kids played...
Suzanne played...
They all had sore arms this morning.
They all want me to bring a Wii home... asap.

~ K... time to git. :)