June 27th, 2007


Wednesday, June 27

T'under... loads of thunder.
It was a beautiful morning... even managed to sweat it out a bit at the skate park, but it's all about work today and ... watching big honking thunderstorms roll in. (insert ominous music here!).

Suuuuuper humid... like the air is going to burst into ocean any second.
Rolling thunder growling constantly...
And then the sun comes out and ... nothing.
Then it gets all blowy again and ...

Still waiting.

I zoomed off a while ago to pick up a large fries-and-coke at mc-deaths and a medium pepperoni pizza at Little Caesars and then ... zoomed away to the kids school.
Brought 'em each their fav lunch on the last day of school. :)

~ loose shorts...
~ open shirt...
~ staying cool... or trying to.
~ conference calls, working like mad, planning the next project
~ trying to have a real life too...
~ :D Went to the skate park after first conference call for a quick 30 minute work out - before the storms come... and they're a'come'en.
~ to send good vibes out to an errant bmx'er in VAN Land. I hope he finds his way through the operations!!
~ and that bramey manages to find something fair about the whole pumping zone!

Having made several promises to the kids about getting the TV room done in the basement...
I'm facing a lot of long evenings over the next couple of weeks getting down to business with the next room in the basement.

Dear Pimple on my chest that is threatening to morph into a third nipple.
Die already. Die die die. and your little dog too.


~ k, see ya on the flip.