June 26th, 2007


Tuesday, June 26

That's geo... holding one of those goofy "press the button and the three-legs light up and start vibrating" things ... inspired purchase at wally-land.
He's holding it ... as it buzzes away... against suz's neck .... Suz is purring.

However... that aside... the rest of the day... madness.
Madness I tell you... Madness.

It's been a busy day. Feels a bit like two or three days have gone by since I cracked lids this morning.
Lots of nice weather... blisteringly hot... melt-your-cell-phone-left-on-the-car-seat hot... but still... it's better than tornadoes baby.

I'm not exactly sure how I could be prouder of my little geo.
He got up there in his little men-in-black suit and gave a speech to the assembled students and masses of parents that was just priceless.
Not a dry eye in the house. :)

There is some agony associated with knowing we've contributed to some of his angst by moving and the upshot is that he will not be following his fellows to the middle school.
We've been driving him in to this school, along with his brother, so that he could finish grade six with his friends... but next year... new school district.
He's a bit on the bummed side. Poor little monkey.
He'll survive and thrive... I know this for certain... but that doesn't diminish his feelings in the here-and-now. :(

~ all business boy for the AM
~ shorts and a tee for the rest of this very very hot day.
~ morning deal...
~ then off to the school for 9:30 "graduation services" (school only goes up to g6, so this is like their "leaving ceremony").
~ from there, across town to meet with a boss ... then another meeting with a project team...
~ back to my home office to try and get madness levels of work done before the sun comes up again.
~ oh... then dinner... and Suz and I went off delivering homeowners-association newsletters... sort of a "hi how are ya" thing with a newsletter to hand out. :D (this took forever, and we only got through... like 1/5 of the houses. :D haha... geez)
~ evening rituals with the boys... and now?
~ back to work ... I have a ton of crap to do before I get to bed tonight. (ug)
~ I was done and go chill... no seriously... gah!
~ that blonnie... gets the bump-ply things to go'way!! :(

Birthday moments
Happy birthday Jen! (jenny_rambles). May you turn corners, open doors and find a world filled with great ideas and happy moments. No really... imagine if this could be the way this next year goes... new stuff everywhere and fortune... smiling on you. :) Have a wonderful year sugar-j.

Life is unfairly busy right now.

I vastly prefer things to be a shitload more lazy-ass.
It's not that I'm lazy... per-se... it's more that I like to feel that the crazy ass busy moments are things I actually want to be doing.
And if I can't have that... then storing up my energy for some future requirement... seems like more fun that doing the work I'm on now. ;)

Ah well... this will end.
And then I'll be onto the next nutty engagement.

Applications for the position of sugar-daddy are being accepted. :)