June 25th, 2007


Monday, June 25

K... I have to work all day... so, of course, it's beautiful outside.
grrrrr. :)

Geo's grad service (the school goes up to grade 6) is tomorrow... he's giving the convocation speech. It made me all teary when he was practicing. :)

~ black ftls
~ well... I was all businesseee...
~ but it's back to shorts and a tee now. :)
~ up and at 'em with the boys and the morning routine... (schools almost done!)
~ from the school... to a starbucks parking lot to do a conference call from 9:00 to 9:30...
~ team meeting in Starbucks till 11:00
~ home again home again home again quick...
~ back at the grind on the current project. :(
~ soccer tonight for both boys...
~ for sinuses happiness to find it's way back to nbbmom...
~ that this week passes quickly for kimberly27616
~ and that princessblondie ... goes for the ink!

Vote? that's vote with a capital Veee!!!

I have managed to gravitate to several identifiable groups in the land of my Lj and one of the most rewarding "gravitational pulls" has been towards friends who are photographers in their day-to-day. Not only do I learn a great deal from them and looking at their work... but I also enjoy the very significant pleasure of watching - over time - as they come-into-their-own, so to speak, as they chase their dreams.
whatilove is one such friend... and her work is simply wonderful. Her focus (no pun intended) has been ... families and oh-my-gosh... she has made me gasp and sign on several occasions... I highly recommend taking at look at her stuff...

She is in a competition sponsored by a local TV station and winning that would be an excellent opportunity for her to gain greater exposure (again, no pun intended).

Do me a tiny favour... join me in using our collective power for good and visit this site [ :: photo competition :: ] at cw18tv.com and look around. Her photograph is of the adorable Pug... tagged with her professional handle "KarenLeslie Photography". If you think it's grand... click to vote.

and if you've a mind to extend the reach ... copy the link to your journal and post a "go and vote" note too!!! :D :D

(thanks in advance).

Dear London England (and surrounding environs):
I need to identify a Bed & Breakfast "quaint" location for a friend and his wife to stay at on their romantic get-away to London... NEXT WEEK.
(July 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) (They had a place but it got canned....).
Me... Looking for clues.

k... I gotta jet. :)
Have a great day muchachos y muchachas...