June 24th, 2007


Sunday, June 24

Well... if I get done exactly what I want to get done... I will have finished everything I can do in the main basement room besides the last electrical and the ceiling. I'm doing the last of the baseboard trim, and then the big silicon freak-out. (tiny little beads of white silicon around all the trim and window edges.)

It's another confused day ... weather wise. But there's sunshine (occasionally) so I'll take it. :)

The drive way... (*laneway) is driving me nuts. I can't play on it yet. :) It's a giant expanse of smooooooth black fresh black-top and it's screaming for skateboards. :) Another day before we can do that kind of thing...

~ black ftls
~ new shorts...
~ very very old gray tee.
~ basement bonanza ... gotta get this stuff done.
~ play with the boys...
~ drive Geo to a pool party...
~ go with Ed to Home Despot and take back a piece-of-shit-gas-powered-trimmer... (whipper-snipper). crap crap crap crap!!!
~ later? Out to dinner with my folks to the chinese buffet house ... yum. :D All you can eat spicy stuff... yeah.
~ that debby shakes her headache...
~ to send several encouraging words to sylvidoptera... every little bit counts!
~ and to smile at perevodilka who wont see it 'cuz she's gone on a business trip... but still... friends in far away places... make me smile.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Lori... (thisismostlyme) and I hope there's healing when it's needed (knees!!!) and ... crazy play when it's wanted... have a great year sugar.
and to barefoot_dyke... Happy birthday to you too! I hope this year keeps you healthy, happy and in the arms of folks that just love you to pieces.
And for today!!!
Happy birthday andbeloved... When Mars lines up with the moon... Veronica may fill your tube. :) I hope you have a great celebration of your day sugar-sare.
and to Egg Girl... dearest wee xaheras... Have a lovely birthday little sugar. I hope you are well and that the peeps you keep closest... and keeping you closest in return. :)

Big Moth...

It's stupid-bird season.
I'm serious.
I've hit one... actually my car was hit by the bird... flew hard-core into the drivers side window SMACK.
And I've had near misses with at least a dozen others.
We're talking big-stupid birds WALKING across the road and having to honk at them... or swerve as two birds fly out of nowhere...
I think birds are getting dumber... as, like.. a general thing.
Clearly they will not be evolving into our geo-political replacements.

I know this isn't "loaded yet" but youtube will catch up sooner or later.
This may be boring... I made it for my bud who wants to see this pilgrims progress in basement land.
So... Jay! Basement room tour!