June 22nd, 2007


Friday, June 22

A chilly day, by comparison only... still quite lovely.
Sun shine, rain drops... typical work day.

Today was all about trying my best to understand a weeks worth of information in an hour or two... (I came a week late to this project at work).

Geo got several "ribbons" from school today... He's like a bag full of aces at school... Helps on "pizza thursday", lunch assistant to the early grade students... mr. organizer, mr. helper, etc. He's just such a sweet kid, it's silly. :)

Oh... can someone point me to a place in LJ that explains how I can gift my remaining "paid time" ... seeing as I'm ... indellible. :D??? hmmmm?

~ yeah... all "businessed up" for a day in a boardroom downtown.
~ new trousers ... (likes) green shirt, black tee and z'blazzzer.
~ off to work... to get my lap top back from tech sup and then ?
~ kill the rest of my day ... every painful second of it... in a boardroom... working out what a team of folks are going to say in a big "bid" we're preparing at work. This is called "bid work" and it's what you do when you're not on contract... and it's mind numbing.
~ that arlyn and family... enjoy little kitty and all her goofy kitty'ness. :)
~ that soylentpurple stays safe in the canyon (she's gone to the Grand one so she wont see this...). I would love to see the GC.
~ for duhneese to sort out the video issues...
~ to say how much I miss seeing groovysegue regularly. :)
~ and the send a few well deserved "cheers" out to caroline75

You know those "krok" shoes... neon colours... holes... nice for garden work eh...
Yeah, those...
Just say'en... in case you were wondering...
They're NOT shoes.
They're clogs for your garden.
So don't wear them to work ... k?
You look like a git.

I've heard of losing your head on a scary ride at the carnival...
But losing your feet?
That has got to suck... huge.
I wonder if the ticket stubb goes on and on about "not responsible for ... "

I'm still on cloud nine...
... just say'en. :)

~ see ya.