June 19th, 2007


Tuesday, June 19

It's a strange day... sunny... then cloudy... hot and muggy... then threatening to bust into storm.

I've booked off work for a few days to get more done downstairs... while we all wait for contracts to come back from clients.
Just translates into longer morning work outs at the skate park... and slaving like a dog in the basement. (fun "dog slaving"... btw).

~ started with z'shorts and a big gray t...
~ now? I'm in painting clothes... :D
~ wake up... walk around... lay down... OVERSLEEP. ahhhhhh!
~ up again at 8:13 and got the boys to school for 8:55...
~ skate park for a good go'round.
~ home depot... bought a gas "trimmer"...
~ home and to work in the basement.
~ there's guys working on burying "downspout" drain pipes that zoom off the gullies beside the house... and doing a small "interlock" job by the back door and bbq. :)
~ so... I'm working in the basement... and enjoying a day that keeps threatening rain. (I gotta hurry 'cause, once again... tut tut... it looks like rain - and I'm using the saw out back... )
~ tonight... Geo soccer practice.
~ maybe get to watch s'more 24. I have to get z to watch the epi she slept through .. :D
~ for willedit to have the patience of the gods...
~ to send a smile to yupjustme... just 'cuz...
~ and that spurbaby lets tears be badges of honour. :)

Religion used to be an intricate and complicated part of the "survival of the fittest" construct.
Darwin was just a late comer that put it all in words.
Jewish food rules? To keep you alive...
Christian monastic communities... survival of the peasants.
Islamic doctrine? no friggen idea... this is not a very old religion and I don't actually get it... not even a little. But ... whatever.
However... the history of religious "ground swell" has had to do with "winning" against an enemy and keeping yourselves organized and alive.
The whole darn mess seems to be about how to screw things up... how to die... how to tell other people how and what to do... until they get pissed at you.

I understand how historical societies turned to religion...
and I can see how religion was corrupted by the power it was given by the faithful.
(no argument please... religion is responsible for more war and bloodshed than any other thing in history - total madness)
What I cannot understand is how we are still ruled by these ridiculous notions of faith... even after we've been show over and over again that the things we are supposed to have faith in... we essentially "invented" by the power structures of historic religious and social rulers.
Have faith in Jesus... "He is your saviour"... oh, and we made him up to get you on-board with the risen-god story because the greeks had one of those and we didn't.

To once again quote Douglas Adams: "How can otherwise intelligent people still believe in organized religion?"

~ k... time to get back to the saw. :D :D

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Car talk...
Geo: "Pickles are pretty...."
Corto: "ewww..."
G: "what?"
C: "oh come on... pickles aren't pretty..."
G: "Yes they are... What's wrong with a pickle?"
C: "Ug!! They're pocked with warty things... their ugly green... they're slimey... they're shapped like pooh!"
G: "AH-HA... I knew it. You're a Foodist."
C: "Oh look... the corn is coming up..."
G: "Oh and I suppose there's something wrong with the corn... FOODIST... FOODIST... FOODIST."
C: "Oh stop it..."
G: "Foodist!!"

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This is ... I believe... the fourth time I have read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone aloud to the kids...
We've owned the DVD since the day it was released... and we've watched it several times.
I am half way through this reading...
And only TONIGHT... did I note that Harry's owl is named "Hedwig"
... as opposed to "Hedgewig" as I have been calling him, oh these many long years.

funny that. :)

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... and another video minute. 60 seconds of corto and a snappy mexican who can really play guitar...
... but, alas (earwax) no dancing corto this time. :D (lol)