June 17th, 2007


Sunday, June 17

A very happy Fathers Day to all the dads and ... moms that are actually dads too... out there. :)
And ... especially to my own dad.
He's my hero... and he always will be.

yeah, well I was awake at 3:00 when it was raining... but you'd never know it looking around today. Although... the weather nerds are sure it's going to suck and be rainy today... (losers). It's BEAUTIFUL today. :D

I want to sit and read... fps and other stuff... and write... and edit pictures and ... organize some thoughts...

... and none of that is happening.
I'm off to clean, play with a little person and then clean some more.

~ black ftls
~ shorts and a very old t...
~ but I'll do better later... before company gets here. :D
~ clean clean clean...
~ having family over for dinner... big dad's day special... :) Cook Out at Casa de Corto.
~ for unstiffness to visit nbbmom's neck...
~ that I never lose track of whatilove... !!
~ I could explain.... everything.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a kite girl... :) (mousieo)... Ok... not a kite girl... but ... she's a fan. :D
Have a wonderful day today sugar-mouse... and I hope this year keeps you in smiles and feel'en loved.

Talking to a friend of ours on the phone...
She's called to talk to suz... and asks how I'm doing...
"Just cooking up a storm... having some fun on a Saturday".
"Oh... you're bar-b-q'ing?"
"No... just making dinner..."
"what? in the kitchen?"
I am sometimes a little bent out of shape when I am exposed to this kind of thing.
I don't know how to take it...
It could be that she is just shocked because she has to slave all the time and hubby never helps...
Or she could be a chauvinist... and wonders what-the-f I'm doing in my wifes kitchen...
Or some other way of interpreting things that I haven't typed out here...
But it still makes me a little buggy to hear the marginal "shock" in her voice when random-woman-x listens to me talk about the stuff I do around the house or in the kitchen.

People are strange.

How come I've never ever ever heard of a show called "The 4400"... I mean... nothing... not a peep... and it's in it's fourth season? Hello?

Edward presented me with a bit of cloth into which he had sewn "Dad + Mom"... thus explaining the reasons behind his commentary the other day when I was picking up the kids, that he had forgone both "outdoor recesses" because he was working "on something". He then proceeded to wrap me in a hug and plant a big kiss on my cheek.
Now you need to understand... Ed doesn't kiss me. Almost never. He doesn't like to kiss me... and he is more than a little ticked off when I kiss him. It stuns him when he is made to realize that I come into his room every night before I go to bed to give him a long slow kiss on the cheek and tell him how much I love him... that being the only time of the day I can get away with that...
So anyways... his needle work... his hug... and his kiss... were absolutely delightful on my Dad's Day morning.

OH oh oh... see that song... Going Up Around the Bend? Can you hear it in your minds eye? er... minds ear?
That opening riff... I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO THAT.
I don't want to learn to play the guitar... I don't have time.
But I want to learn how to play the opening riff (actually it's the whole song... this is CCR after all... masters of the "one or two chord songs").
Do I need a special guitar?
A special Amp?
hmmm... who knows about this stuff?

K... gotta git.
see ya.
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