June 15th, 2007


Friday, June 15

Lost my "speed pass" for the gas station... tied directly to my credit card.
Not sure how it's possible... a part of me thinks it has to have been "stolen" from the car.
But there's been no burst of activity on the thing...
(it's canceled now)
So... it prol'y must be my ancient mind forgetting where I put it.
grrrr... :D

yeah, crazy nutty beautiful out there today. : D :D
Seriously... it's like... if you splurged at the weather drive-through today would be the big-gulp.

lap top... back porch... excellent "visual quality" on the screen ... and when the afternoon drags on,
I just sit on the other side of the big round table. :)

~ black ftls
~ the shorts... (was wearing them in the dancing video)
~ bright white izod tshirt.
~ morning routine... incl. skate park goodness...
~ writing project profile... thinking I should write others... (bet's boss will want one for all our projects soon)
~ crossing my fingers on the several proposals that are 'out there' now...
~ filing and paper work... :)
~ gonna be painting some trim later... sanding other trim...
~ need a home-depot run this weekend to get "wall-trim" now that the carpet is in. :D :D :D :D
~ that little mz sugar... er... princessblondie... gets the shirt right...
~ for vinnie58 to totally (wait for it) rock ... the... house. (ahhh LOL... I kill me)
~ for some sun light to wash over my friend bratt72
~ and ... just to send some good vibes out to yumikid... just 'cuz.

Let me just say... regarding the situation in Israel...

The little Buddha say's ... these two should really get along.
I mean... they're both delicious on a pita.
And try not to think about all the money America
invested in the Feta.

Saw Angelina on Jon Stewart last night.
Such a beautiful smile... nice hair.
So ... a nice mouth and a wig on a
Sorry but... um. No.

Oh and her comment about how four kids makes
for a crazy life at home... just makes me laugh out loud.
Four full - time - live - in nannies. One per kid.

gonna have my family over for din on Sunday night.
... say'en Love and Love Forever stuff to dad. :)
Gotta start planning for that.

~ k... see ya. :D
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