June 13th, 2007


Wednesday, June 13

gggggorgeous day... and the weather idiots are calling for t-storms again. Nothing but blue sky at this point. :D
I'm all proud of myself... went to the skate park early... and on my first "up ramp" I totally blew the 180, lost the board and had to dive six feet onto concrete... and (the proud part) managed to roll-into-it perfectly... small scrape on my shin but otherwise... no problemo... no big "peter griffin fffffff... ahhhhhh... ffffff.... ahhhhhh" pain at all. This is very good. My confidence about wiping out was somewhat shaken last year with the massive head smack (wearing a helmet)... so this is good. :)

~ blue ftls
~ new shorts...
~ gray b.u.m. tee
~ up and at 'em with the boys for breaky and school...
~ skate park for a wee work out...
~ home and on a couple of proposals... if I win one of them, I'm off to Halifax. Regina to Halifax... geez.
~ pork chops for dinner...
~ Ed soccer practice tonight and more trim work...
~ re-reading - with Edward - HP and the Philosophers Stone (or the Sorcerers Stone for those of you that bought the book in the USA) Note that this means we're read the whole of the LOTR... that was quite an adventure... reading that out-loud. :)
~ more 24... we're only on hour 4. :) and I'm enjoying it, but ...the writing has fallen a bit... too many bits are stupidly "not-what-would-really-happen". First season? You could feel how neatly everything fit into a "believable" space...
~ that little miss sugar-pants... princessblondie... keeps on a'smile'en. :D
~ I had fish in the wall... I want a 8 inch deep and 3 x 4 fish tank... mounted in wall... in a half wall... somewhere... just 'cuz. :)
~ and for "healthy" to snap back onto nerdular.

birthday moments...
Happy birthday out to ms_right_rn... and may your confidence ever hold you in a careful but strong grip. :)
Edit: and to the girl who's profile no longer includes her birthday... the woman with and endlessly lovely smile... hair... eyes... ... a very happy birthday out to ldy... May your day be filled with moments of deep appreciation and sneaky bits of fun. :)

Came across suz's wedding dress...
Needs to be packaged up for long term storage...
But it would be much happier if it was sold and found another body to grace for a 'big day'.
It even has a contemporary feel when you yank the bolero off and look at the adorable straps. :)
It needs to be gone... sold and maybe buy an expensive picture frame or something with the money.

D'ya ever hear from someone that tries to wake you up in the middle of the night?
"And they're like... I poked you ... poke poke poke... and the only response I could get was you all angry pants"
haha... this happens to Geo when he climbs into our bed and tries to get some pillow... poke poke poke...

Oh, oh... and do you Tweeze?
I've got the electric chain saw of nasal nightmare nose hedge trimmer,
but the little ear lobe hairs... and especially the rogue eyebrow hairs between my eyes... tweeze city.
And while Suz can tweeze all she likes... the kids tease me huge if they catch me doing it. :)

so, I guess what I'm saying is...

Gowns to be reft of me,
Pokers in the night,
Here I am...
Plucking the middle with Ewww!

~ k... I'm done. :)
See ya soon.


Java Geeks... please help.

There's this little boy... grade 4... he's a genius.
No really.

Anyways... he cornered me at the end-of-school-year bar-bq at the school the other night...
He is the web master for the school web site.
He's having a Java / Sax error that he can't sort out and thought I might be of help.

I've no clue... but I told him I'd ask some friends.

Here's his text describing the problem...
and under the cut are the actual full text displays of the referenced tml and dtd files.

::::::::: The letter.
Attached to this message are both the xml file
being parsed by this application (6.tml) and its
DTD (tml.dtd).
The error message displayed is as follows:

Fatal Error while parsing test file: A '(' character or an element type is required in the declaration of element type "mcq". At Line 43 column 24.

(the bold part of the sentence is the actual error given by SAX, the rest is added by the error handling method of the parsing class).

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