June 7th, 2007


Thursday, June 7


I kinda lost this morning in a headache medicine fog... things are getting back to normal now.
I had to blow off work ... and basically... "lose" a half day. I hate that... time that slips by when you're busy that you can never get back.

It's rainy... and windy... then sunny and strange... then cloudy... then rainy... then sunny again...
Dear Day: Make up yer mind. :)

All About Gray
We watched a bit of a Gray's Anatomy Marathon last night... we only have the season finale let to absorb... then I start 24. :)
After all that Gray Matter... I still contend that Dr. McDreamy is a dickhead. He's shallow and without a great deal of human virtue.
I cannot understand why Kally hasn't frigg'en beaten the living crap out of George and tossed all his shit onto the street.
Izzy remains beautiful... and nobody on that show makes me laugh like Christina.
Oh... and I remain a big fan of Adesson (or however you spell that).
She's got such amazing teeth... even though her lips are a bit ... thin.
Still... beautiful. I'm looking forward to the spin-off show... quit a bit actually. :) Seems to have more actually "likeable" characters that Grays has ... by a mile.

~ crappy jeans... warm shirt...
~ work work work... after - that is - I got my head out of the vice. You ever wear a ball cap that is too tight... then you take it off... and it kinda feels like it's still on? Well imagine that ... except... it seems to be getting tighter. Then your neck cramps ... in some pathetic show of moral support for the phantom head-squishing-hat and presto... you're a basket case searching for advil or stronger.
~ painting ... painting trim and laying more dri-core tonight. Monday is a'coming... (carpet gets installed on Monday).
~ for peace love and understanding to wash over libragirl_77...
~ that things are ok with ewtikins...
~ for monkey to enjoy... his little pony...
~ and for a little peace to sneak up on ragamuffen too.!

American Justice: 15 year old Canadian kid caught up in the afghanistan conflict gets shoved in Git-Mo for five years and likely for the rest of his life... and Paris Hilton serves two days in Jail. Speaks volumes.

Pirate Masturbates
or what ever that show is called... didn't do a thing for me last week.
The situation seemed so contrived and the "average americans" that are the contestants... basically all creeped me the fuck out.
You know there are bus loads of people that live in line-ups in burbank (etc) getting on game shows, reality shows and stuff like that... and all these guys (and theoretically "girls") appear to be Line-Up-Lifers (LULs).

Refer to stupid stuff going on as "high schoolish"... you know the drill... he said, she said... accusations, lying, confusion, drama... "all very high schoolish".
Yeah... well I'm all about saying "So?"
You were amazing in High School.
You went in with one body and came out with another...
You were packed to the teeth with brand new hormones...
emotional roller coasters ...
practically on a daily basis...
and in that environment... you have to
a) learn constantly ... and pass tests ...
b) pick a career path...
c) figure out what sex is...
d) decide whether high or drunk is a better idea...
e) learn to drive and not die...
f) lead yourself to believe you have a clue what love is...
g) and establish friendships that theoretically last a life time.

And you made it.
You were incredible.
It was harder than you remember,
and not worth the derision of excusing idiotic behaviour in adulthood by calling it "high schoolish".
It's not high schoolish... it's just stupid.

See ya. :)