June 6th, 2007


Wednesday, June 6

Gah!! Ahhh that face. hahaha... sometimes I really think I should check before I walk away from taking a morning picture. :)

Sunny day... busy day. I finished major parts of the window wells last night... I'm looking forward to finishing todays "work life" so I can get back to it.

~ as you can see... fancy spancy clothing day... got to wear my new "trousers". No front-pleats... aren't I stylish. :D
~ which just ended , so I'm back in ripped up crappy jeans. :)
~ up and at'em... kiss sick-boy Geo goodbye as he begins his first VERY FIRST sick day at home alone (suz works half weeks).
~ off to a potential-client site to do a presentation to a frigg'en room-full of people.
~ prepare a proposal for ... that room full of people...
~ end my work day and get busy with the basement... it's not raining, so I can uncover and use the big table saw ... :D
~ watch more Gray... Last epi had George whimpering in bed beside Kallie in his forbidden knowledge of the "indiscretion". I suspect he's gonna tell her.
~ for some corners to show in the life and times of murphy59... that way he can get around them.
~ that a little good vibe finds it's way to jeremyb
~ and for laciann... to remember to smell those roses... sometimes, life is unfairly short.

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday little nicky. May this year keep you healthy, happy and in the arms of your ever love'en mom. :D

I'm in downtown Ottawa this morning... at the corner of Bank and Slater (construction land) holding a fresh cup of Starbucks God Juice. This is a "office building" land... The sun is out and I'm in a good mood... so I look up and in the sky I can see, a-way down Slater... this seagull flying (literally) down the road. It's way up there... 50 - 80 feet up... tracking with the center line of the road. It's coming towards me... and at the intersection, it TURNS left and heads up Bank street towards Rideau or Wellington or whatever it is. I was so completely struck by the wonder of that birds flight through the city that I was broken into unstoppable smiles...

On the way home... I was in the second-to-the-right-lane of the two-lane exit from the highway to the street I need to get on for the homeward journey. There was a little red car in the far right lane... just a few feet ahead of me... there was a dump truck coming up behind me... and at the last moment... a beige car decides this is it's exit too... signals and proceeds to exit the highway directly towards me. If I swerve... I hit the red car... if I brake... the dump truck takes me out... and if I gun it... well, there's not enough room to gun it and have it make any difference.
There was no collision.
The beige car saw me at the last last last possible second and madly swerved away... but dude... It all flashed for a moment there.
I was bracing for impact, rebound and rolling through the gully.
Totally scared the shit out of me...
Well, ok... no poop, but ... big sigh scare. :(

I think the character Izzy plays in Gray ... is a bit of GIANT flake.
That being said... she is just flipping amazing.
Do you know who I mean? Her smile... is the stuff of miracles.
She's on the list. :)

~ k... gotta jet. :)
Have a great Wednesday.