June 5th, 2007


Tuesday, June 5

(posted via LJ Email Post)

Another very gray day. Dark and rainy... bummer for Little Edward with a big
field trip planned for today.

Zebra got a huge amount of work done yesterday and last night... getting the
other half of the "big room" in the basement ready for dri-core'ing. I spent
part of the night taking apart dri-core to correct an uneven bit in the
middle (grrrrrrrrrrrr!) and working on the trim. Finished the dowel work on
the shelf edges and now? I'm just about ready to start silicon'ing the
window frames into place. :) (screws too - but only the absolute minimum).

By this time next week... that room will be carpeted. :) :D :D :D :D :D
Madness excitement. :D :D

~ Nice clothing day...
~ black ftls... dk green trousers, black tee and a short sleeve - beige -
button up shirt...
~ up and work... Geo is still sick... Ed's left on a field trip to Upper
Canada Village (Hey badaboom)
~ I'm off to a team meeting for 12:30, and a
"pre-client-show-planning-session" at 2:00 downtown...
~ oh... picking up new pants... I bought pants (actual nice-pants without
pleats in the front... go me) two weeks ago... and I haven't been downtown
to pick up the altered version yet. :)
~ home by 4:00 I hope...
~ to smile at zena... er, I mean, princessblondie
~ to send many wishes for success out to reens
~ and for a lot less flying to be going on in the house of kaar.

The thing about the whole Guantanamo Bay Prison thing... the horrible
conditions (documented), the torture (documented, and admitted), the JAILING
OF CHILDREN... (dude, a 15 year old Canadian kid has been there for five
years)... you have to wonder how this makes the US Service Personnel feel
when they enter a theater of aggression... knowing the people they are
fighting know all about Git Mo and Abu Grav, etc. etc.... and there's always
a chance the US soldiers will be caught.
Held in horrible conditions, tortured, endlessly... is pretty much what they
should be expecting from their enemies.

You'd think the US would want to set a shining example to the planet on how
to treat battlefield enemies... seeing as they're on pretty much every
battlefield out there.

I stopped watching Sopranos ... before they whacked ... Gina? What was her
name? Christophers girl friend who barfed on the table in front of the feds
when they roped her into being a snitch. Now the series is ending and I'm
hearing all this stuff they (writers) are doing to the characters. I've
always said these guys were horrible humans and deserved to get whacked...
every last one of them... It seems I'm getting my wish. :) I really must try
to catch up.

Russian girls are hot.
I mean... they're hot right out of the box, just for being russian.
Yeah... mmk. done. :D

~ see ya.