June 4th, 2007


Monday, June 4

(ps. i'm trying a e-mail post... hope it works)

it's a rainy day... after a weekend of looking to the horizon, fearing for
the downpours that would keep me from the many weekend-warrior projects and
getting none of that... I'm not minding a little rain. :)

It's a work work work day... and I want you to know that I'm game if anyone
wants to make me a kept man. Yesirreee... Perhaps I should refer to it as
"someone to sponsor my retirement" :D (sigh).

My older guy (geo) is ... the boy with the chest cold today... Suz is home
taking care of him and things and I'm doing my thing in the "home office".

~ eh... stuff... jeans, a tee, and a warm hoodie...
~ clothes meant to repel the blah feeling of a rainy monday after a holiday.
~ get a presentation put-together for a new client "show" on Wednesday
~ some follow up work with my Regina clients...
~ and then ... real life; kids soccer, geo's got a chest cold, dinner needs
make'en and the basement project... is screeeeam'en for me. :)
~ oh, and try and pack in another Grays Anatomy. We just saw Izzy wake up
beside George...
~ for a peaceful and restful day to find it's way under teasdale's
sofa cushions. :D
~ that lyselu finds a few slices of silver in the lining of her
~ for this week to be ... a good week... in the life and times of yumikid
~ and to smile at canuckgirl ... for fifty one great reasons...

Soooooooo.... I open this nice little thin plastic bag that my Sunday
newspaper came in... including this years mini-phone book, a bunch of
adverts and the weekly TV Guide. Weeeee... oh, but what's this? ... it's a
little pre-printed polite message from my paper-carrier. It asks me, ever so
politely, to "please ensure that the paper-box is free from obstructions,
debris and other barriers." You see... Zebra put a very old wicker end table
- complete with glass center piece, at the end of the laneway on Saturday -
the international signal to all that something is free for the taking. The
paper was on the table. The bright ugly yellow "The Citizen"
paper-box, four feet off the ground, on an ugly T-Bar pounded into the
ground, was ... directly behind the little 18 inch wide table that stands a
foot off the ground.

Dear You-Lazy-Turd;
I would like to cancel my subscription to the newspaper - effective
Please ensure that my house is free from obstructions like newspapers
sitting on my driveway.

Your's truly;
former customer.

~ no, seriously.

I know I've posted this link before...
and I know it's in french...
but if you could use a smile... let me entice you to view (or view again),
the video promotion of the [ :: Willy Waller 2006 :: ]. Just watch it... watch the
whole thing...

~ k, gotta jet. :)
See ya.