June 3rd, 2007



and if lj wont let me yabber on as much as I'd like...

I'll just have to do it in a video. :D
(just uploaded... it may take a few minutes before it's "live")


Friday, June 1 and Sunday, June 3

edit: this is from Friday... The day LJ Stopped letting me post properly.
Dear LJ ... please sort things out ... mmmk?

This is from today... and I can only post "so many characters" before LJ stops working.
So no big talk... just pictures. :)

Been very busy... sore-back busy!!

These are "dry core" sections... the sub floor.

This is my ceiling...

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Air Cooled Engine Geeks...
~ help required...
I've got a briggs & strat in my "ride 'em" lawn mower.
It's basically new... I got it last fall.
It's been working like a charm.
Then, all of a sudden...
I get the great gout of white smoke pouring out the engine...
It coughs... the engine loses horsepower, makes a couple of cliche automobile "knocking" sounds...
The then smoke stops... the engine picks up again and we're good to go.
Except... I'm in a cloud of smoke... like, enough to cover half my front yard.
(continued in next entry)

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(small engine issue continued)
All I can imagine (non-mechanic time) is that it either needs oil, or has too much oil.
It does the smoke show ... from time to time when the the engine strains.
I need to figure this out...
I'll call B&S tomorrow (Monday) ... but somebody out there may be able to save me the madness of corporate telephone menu navigation. :)

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Dear LJ
WTF Man...
... YHGTBFKM!!!!
After all this time you can't get security concious enough to fend off a DOS attack without screwing with my "paid" access for days on end?

It's been years since I'd last lost confidence in you.
What'd you have to go screw with that for?