May 27th, 2007


Sunday, May 27

Hola!! :D

Yesterday was wonderful... except for my ongoing neck issues... I swear I need a new neck!!
We went to swimming lessons with the boys, and then to a big company "Family day at the Fair" thing...
Big Rides, big outdoor lunch, games, loads of fun for the boys... Huge, in fact. I love days that give them so much fun. :D :D :D
We chilled with a fabulous dinner (takes a bow) and watched Dr. Who (we're tracking with the UK release schedule... fun), and Suz and I got around to watching LOST ... OMFG... I WAS SOOOOOOOO PLEASED when Sawyer put a bullet in that guy ... no seriously... I waited all season for that 10 second segment of the show. JOY. As for the "Season Cliff Hanger... not sure I grok what's what, but it just re-enforces my belief all along that Jack is giant smack monkey and deserves his own self loathing.

Our PVR was messed... so I didn't get the season ender of HEROES... so I've only just finished downloading the bit-torrent and burning it to DVD...

I'm working on a A Day In My Life from my Regina trip... just gotta go over carefully to edit the photos to remove all mention of the client names... and then on with that show. :D

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans... the p-z's ... which need updating!!
~ a red golf shirt and a black hoodie
~ another busy day in the life and times of me...
~ up and battle massive sore-neck issues,
~ get sorted on delivering Geo to the movie theater to see Pirates... with friends... girls... we've determined this was a complicated three way date thing that he was too shy to explain to us... (omg, so darn cute...)
~ deliver Ed to another friends to get him sorted on seeing pirates as well...
~ then Home Depot for Suz and I to get the "dry core" (special sub floor for the basement) and the drop ceiling ORDERED... way cool.
~ dinner at my folks is later... (looking so forward to that!!)
~ pictures tonight... if I can... maybe tomorrow.
~ I had time to read up and get caught up... but sundays... are so darn busy. :D

Birthday moments...
Dearest Linda and Gia... I messed up and read March 25 when I was supposed to be singing your wishes on May 25. After 7 years... I finally made a mistake... (haha... ok, so I've made a few).
However, let me please say, a little late, but still heart felt...
A very happy birthday to lindalee_. I hope you enjoyed your day and that this year keeps you in the best of fortune.
And dearest giabean... a very happy birthday to you too. May you and your family stay safe and comfy as this next year ticks past. :D

And for yesterday... happy birthday Ginger... :D :D (ginger_g) I love saying "Ginger"... :D I hope you enjoyed your day and that the year ahead is a grand success. :D
And, although I suspect you've slipped off to some busy place, happy birthday dear indigojo... I hope you are well, and I do so very much hope you are walking... seeing... and feeling some love. Peace sugar-jo.

Lindsay Lohan, is a fricking moron.
Bottom line... and don't gimmi that "oh but look what fame hath wrought." or "she's just young, and has no good influences" crap. Forget it. She's a moron and she proves it on a regular basis.

Friday... flying home...
"Good evening ... our flight crew is delayed..."
"Good evening... we have our flight crew... but our ground crew was reassigned..."

OMG... We board the plane at 7:25 in Toronto... and we don't take off till 9:45... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Home quite late... but home never the less. :D Safe and sound.
But a migraine and I've had a cramped out neck ever since.
This will pass...