May 23rd, 2007


Wednesday, May 23

That would be my cheeseball attempt at a "I'm winking at ya" picture. :D

SNOW? geezus !!! grrrrr.

Another gloriously busy, freaky, mind numbing day in flat land.
The RCMP Musical Ride - cops on horses, in formation - is in town for the weekend.
Bottom line: This hotel is packed to the tits with cops. These guys LIVE in gyms. Seriously... I've talked to a dozen of them and every last one was either on his way to the hotel gym or on his way back... I'm guessing the equation "Be a cop" = "Spent life in a gym" is accurate...

Did I mention it was snowing?

~ blue ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ white t and a green - with white stripes - button down dressup shirt...
~ NOTE: still no tie. Clients don't want ties... (love)
~ a long day... up at 6:30...
~ photos for a "day in my life" photo essay today
~ client land for a big day of presentations...
~ the biggest presentation gets canceled due to CIO dude being called away to Saskatoon... and Randy Backman wasn't even involved.
~ back to hotel room a bit early... (now) and back to work on all the shit I have to have done before I get to client land in the morning. sigh.
~ totally intend to go and lose 25$ at a craps table at the casino across the street later tonight. :) (bet I get booted for sneaking pictures)
~ IT WASN'T SNOWING. No seriously man... wtf is up with this weather.
~ that mspish remembers to leave an unwrapped candy-cane in her purse... makes the pens taste nicer.
~ for things to ... go smooth as silk for harleydog... just say'en... :D :D
~ to congratulate joggingguy on a job well done...
~ and to thetech... a big 11100011010101001-3893027423 out to ya big guy. :)

Birthday moments:
Happy birthday to a sorta-lost Alberta girl... canadiankimmie. May this year bring you happiness and keep you safe... where ever you are.
And a very happy birthday to darl'en twilightsm... who always seems to remember to send me a post card when she's on her travels... and make me smile for days afterwards. I hope you're having a wonderful birthday sugar... and that you find all the work you can handle, doing exactly what your heart desires.

I'm seriously considering that my best course of action may very be to just fall on the bed and pass out...
but I'm afraid I wont wake up till midnight. And then I'd be screwed.
So I'll get my stuff done now... and sleep later.
'cept... I always say that.
and i never seem to get around to the sleeping part.

I remember when I was little... refusing to go to bed... wanting to stay up later... etc. etc. etc.
and - of course - my kids just frigg'en hate going to bed...
I'm guessing it's part of getting Older...
but seriously... there is no flipping end to the joys of sleep. Sweet beautiful sleep.
I mean... I know this to my feeling on the subject...
but I seem to end up saying "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and then embarking on some project, or whatever, at 11:00 ...
ah well.
I will... in fact... sleep when I'm dead. :)

it's supposed to be 31 in ottawa tomorrow - for you non-celsius types that equals HOT... and then? Storms on Friday... the day I get home.
Pure joy. Joy. sigh.

Ok... time to get back to work. :D
Have a great wednesday muchachos... y muchachas...

OH REMEMBER if you're a LOST fan... the 2 hour finale is on tonight... that's 2 hours. Check your vcr or pvr settings to make sure you get the whole show!! :D
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