May 22nd, 2007


Tuesday, May 22

The horizon vanishes slowly into clouds that seem to fall to earth at the limits of vision.
There is no sun in flat land... at least not today.
It's cold... and I'd rather be at home. :)
I know I will be again soon.
I'm not complaining.
I can stand to work a week away in exchange for all the weeks I work from home.
It's a good deal.
but I'm still allowed to miss the comfort of having my family close and being in the middle of things.

soccer season starts this week. I'm missing the first games. :(

That being said... today went fantastic.
Excellent validation from the clients...
In my line of work...
you can get a raise...
you can get praise...
But nothing quite adds up to "Good job"
in the way getting a follow-on contract from the same client does.
Hasn't happened yet... but I've given them a proposal for another three months of work and they seemed to receive it with a good vibe.
I'll know in a week or so. :)

~ black ftls
~ dk gray trousers
~ black t, deep red dress shirt
~ zeee blay-zzzzer
~ up extra early (got to bed before 11:00... hahaha... WOW!)
~ room service breakfast... that was good, but stupid ($$). I'll eat in the restaurant, thankyouverymuch.
~ off to meet my clients at 8:00... and a busy mind numbing day of wearing my "I'm the guy you're paying a fortune to have hang with you..." face.
~ had two OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD meetings ... but tomorrow is the CIO meeting... so it's all about tomorrow.
~ now? back early to "continue working" but... basically, in my undies with music and no worries that someone will see me yawning or something... :)
~ tonight? find chinese food... eat it... watch some tv... read... miss my family... phone my family... read... sleep. WOW. fun eh.
~ A cold-front hadn't rolled over Saskatchewan the day before I arrived. Grrrr! Cloudy and rainy and C-C-C-C-C-C-COLD. :(
~ to point you at a wonderful quote that venusrising put in her journal today... [ :: soul mates :: ]
~ that laciann (my only Saskatchewan Lj buddie, btw) would get an icon of herself smiling!!!! :D :D
~ to send some big love'en "congratulations" type vibes out to canuckgirl... because she's doing so amazing great with her goals... !!! :D
~ for some good fortune to wrap around horsepucky... just 'cuz it'd be a good thing.
~ and to ... you know... hope for some o'that drop-dead-sexi to rub off Mustard Man (wbahner) and onto yours truly.

Birthday moments...
for frizzed and reeris. Far flung LJ friends that have ... vanished into their own real lives. One in Jo-burg, South Africa (Frizzed) and the other in Turkey... sigh. Talk about connecting with the world. :) Happy birthday ladies... and I hope you're having a good run with what ever is filling your days and nights.

Facebook Questions:
a) how the hell do you actually post something in your facebook? I mean... I have a bunch of friends from interesting parts of my life connected in my facebook account... and I see things like "so-and-so is going to work..." or something. How did they make it say that? No seriously. I look at it... and it just doesn't jump out at me anywhere.
b) Do you think there's any real negative vibe to be had by screwing with facebook? I get "friend confirmations" that say "How do you know so and so...?" and you get these options to pick from. I usually just click "skip this step"... but for a few... like for this guy I work with... I put down "We were in a relationship, it got complicated... now we're not speaking" and shit like that... hmmm? One wonders.

Holy cow, I am the guy that works hard at avoiding all things HEROES related. I didn't watch last night and I wont see it till the weekend. !!!

biggest problem in a hotel room? NOT ENOUGH SNACK ACTION... without buying a chocolate bar or some rot like that. I gotta go find a store and buy a bag of something munchable. !!!!

k... see you on the flip. :D
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watching Dancing with the stars finale.

Having a good time. :)

I keep laughing and crying and not changing the channel.

The mohamed ali memory moment thing with Laila - tears.
Watching Laila training with max... laughing.
Joey's wife talking about pride... - more tears...

Watching Samantha Harris... - laughing.
She's great... and I'm sure she's attractive...
Prol'y killa... but not in that dress.
You know that Jim Carrey thing when he turns away from you, bends over, grabs his bum cheeks and "bum talks" ?
K... just say'en... Sam's dress is talk'en. :D
They're about to announce the winners and i'm betting it's...
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