May 18th, 2007


Friday, May 18

Again with the "problems with my web host" so the friday pic is waiting for upload. (that's last weeks).
However, if you saw todays pic, you would see that I am still ... desperately in need of a chop.
No hair cut last night... no lost... no tv actually at all.
Just mad crazyness for work till like... 3 in the morning. (stupid, I know)
Up again today ... It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, btw... and back at it as soon as I got home from driving the kds to school.
I finished my gig at about 1:00. sigh.
Time to chill a bit.

maybe get a hair cut.
:) snicker.

~ dirty old jeans... (intending to cut down some wee tree-lettes in the back yard...)
~ old p-z tee...
~ and the hope that a skate park is in my future today. :)
~ up and at 'em. Finished a presentation before bed... was supposed to write this "exec summary" but my eyes kept closing. Funny that... being the middle of the fricking night and all. gerrrr.
~ enjoy the weather....
~ consider the two quotes I have on paving my laneway... er... driveway... whatever.
~ consider the quotes I have on having someone do a bunch of maintenance on the GIANT maple tree in my back yard...
~ get my ass to Home Depot... to get another quote on "dry core" for the basement...
~ and call back the carpet people about going ahead with their quote for the basement...
~ THEN ... go rob a bank. geez.
~ I knew what free-ware-hack-ware image compressing applications were out there. (besides just messing with the properties in p-shop).

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday gigglerz and... you know... try not to swamp us with all your talk talk talk... :D No really, where ever you are... I hope you're smiling and enjoying your b-day. Have a wonderful celebration sugar.

Hmmm... I wonder if google gmail will pop up some advertisements about masks, get away cars and guns when I get a response to this post?
Remember when getting a gmail invite was all the rage.
Do you actually even need an invite anymore?
My gmail says I have "97 left". um... an den?

ug... it's almost 3... I gotta go get the boys. :)
see ya.