May 17th, 2007


Thursday, May 17 - Dave Day!!

Morning... mad hair, and Edward still expecting to be carried from his bed to the sofa before breakfast. Lazy little snuggle bug. :D

Yesterday... simply didn't exist. I was at "it" (client stuff) from eyes-open to eyes-shut. Well, I paused to do the routines like kids-and-school, dinner, and working on Ed's earthquake project with him... oh, and watching part of a hockey game... too bad we lost (senators) last night, but ... there's loads of time to win one more. :D

Didn't even get near LOST last night. I hope it taped...

PS. Today is DAVE day...

~ pj's until... minutes ago. :)
~ now? all about jeans and tees
~ recover from working till 2 in the morning...
~ review the work I did last night... make all the requisite "tired boy" mistakes...
~ send result to clients...
~ get to work on the next bit. (sigh).
~ I'm off to Regina again next week... time to "roll out" all this stuff.
~ tonight? Well... I'm not watching survivor. :D (d'uh)
~ with all of my heart that my friend inspectorjury (DAVE!!!) is getting good results to the heart meds... and that he posts a "I'm doing fine" post soon.
Take a second... and share the love. Click into my pals journal and leave him a note of hope and support.
Go on... It's DAVE DAY.
Use your power for good! :D

Birthday moments...
I missed yesterdays birthday of a wonderful reason to visit Boston... Happy birthday Nic... (galebird) I hope you enjoyed your day, and that the year ahead brings you success and keeps you in smiles.
and according to my records... it's also kimberly27616's birthday today. Sneak! Happy birthday sugar... I hope you are rewarded well for the hard choices you've been making ... hugs.

Oyi!! man, I read a few comments from people out there that are saying things like "hey, I wont celebrate his death... I mean, he was no angel but ..."
Let me take a second to say ...
What a LOAD!!!
We - collective western "WE" are so backwards ass it's just pathetic.
We celebrate mad bombing of foreign cities...
We celebrate endless religious holidays that are often mistaken for occasions of love, peace and appreciation (careful, if you go poking around in the history of those religious holidays muchachos... you may not like what you find).
We cheer for sexual exploitation...
We go mental for violet so-called-sports...
And we get peeved at restrictive movie ratings...
But when a crazy nut job who has spent his life raping the wallets of people who can ill afford their own dinners, let alone supporting his effort to drag society into a sickening pool of false morality, bigotry, intolerance, and racism... when this guy dies, people act like it's time to be nice?
(Time for my second all-time-favorite expression) AYFKM? (Are You're f'ing kidding me?)
If you're going to follow some moral imperative to be forgiving... believe me, there's a lot of places to put that besides on the memory of Jerry Frigg'en Falwell.
The guy is burning in whatever hell there may be...
And he deserves it.

Hey... how 'bout that situation in Israel and Gaza... fun eh.
There's all that US money spent on the "road to peace" hard at work.
Exactly what has to happen for the US Government to figure out what the term "lost cause" means?

k... if I don't get a hair cut tonight... my head might explode. :D

See ya.