May 15th, 2007


Survivor XIV Update!! The Finale

Survivor XIV: The Toilet-Seat Edition

Another One Bites The Dust

(hey hey)

Where in... Jeff takes his final kicks at the kids... stuffing them blindfolded into a maze and then it’s time for some waterboarding, Git-Mo-Fiji-Probst style!! That guy is actually in the running for "takes over for Regis"!! It’s money night and all does not go as planned. But ... it was a lot of fun. ESPECIALLY the jury... bwaahahahaha...

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Tuesday, May 15

I got treats in the mail yesterday... mowazz sent me g-g-gorgeous photos from her travels, tonya sent me a lovely picture of little miss cries-a-lot (Isabella) (She's on the wall with Josh now!!) and dear Twi... (twilightsm) sent me a wonderful post card from her travels.

Gotta say man... it's a great treat to get notes and stuff from friends in far-flug parts of the universe. :)
I love you guys ... it's just serious peachy to have friends like you.

THE RAIN FINALLY CAME... saving me the arduous chore of laying out the million miles of garden hose. We're not "getting irrigation" till next summer I'm guessing... what with the basement project CHOWING DOWN ON THE BANK. sigh.

I need a hair cut... oh sweet mercy I need a hair cut... I'm hoping I can get my mom to do it tonight.
Yes my mommy cuts my hair. That is... when I don't hand the buzz saw to zebra and tell her to shave my head. Which, btw, is a pretty easy way to get a chop. You should try that sometime... boys... girls... everyone... shave yer heads!!!

PS>>>> Me? The official "play offs only" hockey fan... guess thats a bit hypocritical to hard-core fans... but, um... sue me.
Ottawa Senators rocked the house last night. Three down and one to go before we break the 10 year absence from Lord Stanley's tourney)

~ blue jeans... a comfy black sweat shirt... :)
~ another day of total madness... no seriously. Gah!!! (work is kicking my ass... :D)
~ definitely going to take the week after next off to work on the basement. Kinda excited about it...
~ hair cut?
~ dinner? No idea... but I gotta get some groceries... purely "perimeter groceries".
~ to wave at Jerry Falwells spirit as it sinks down to go to it's final reward. I hope they bury you in a fire retardant suit. Dick head.
~ Now if we could just get that Fred Phelps guy to kick we'd be off to the races.
~ to wave a fond farewell to Bethanny...
~ and that odyssey_road remembers... COLD pack for 10 mins... then the hot pack... (back ache that's coming...)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a much absent ashie. I hope you're out there somewhere having a wonderful day. :D
And to darling, precious and destined for greatness moowazz.A big Happy Birthday sugar-E, And - I think - my only Elysa. Thank you for your friendship Elysa... and may you walk hand in hand with the best of health and lifes best fortunes.
Happy birthday to my only Saskatchewan lj friend... laciann. Have a wonderful celebration sugar-laci. May you and your family pass this next year in good health and great happiness.

Not for nutt'en but I casually put a "who reads this" at the bottom of the "Survivor Finale" post...
mostly because I was thinking... nobody - well a couple of peeps - reads this anymore
and entertained the notion of stopping those "recaps".
Gosh it feels good to get a whole bunch of feedback.
For sure I'll be continuing to write them. :D :D :D
(thank you)

When you add someone to your journal... do you look at their Bio page?
I get added to peeps ... like all the time... well, not ALL THE TIME... but a lot.
I don't understand how they do this but not read the bio page with the very
polite little note about "email me if you want me to add you back."
I suppose they may not want to be added back... which is cool... no problemo...
but still.
ah well.... :D