May 13th, 2007


Sunday, May 13

A very happy mommy's day to the many moms I have the pleasure of knowing here in la la land.

My mom earns her status as worlds-greatest-mom pretty much every week...
And I tell her so as often as I can...
but I made sure she knew it today. :)

We had a great family weekend... with some meals out ... some bar-b-q'ing here... skateparking... gardening... and good stuff like that. :)

~ jeans n' stuff... :)
~ to go downstairs and watch Survivor Finale... :D
~ I had days this good ... more often.

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday to bitchcakes_xo... who I'm afraid will likely not see this note... but that's ok... if the trade off is her having a great time with people she loves then all the better. :) Have a wonderful year sugar. :D

No this is not corto...
One of the dudes at the park today.