May 10th, 2007


Thursday, May 10

headache morning. ug.

It's a weird "pressure" day... the sun is trying to peek out from behind evil dark storm clouds.
T-storms... hail... it's all in the forecast.
Of course, it's the weather-idiots talking so we're likely in for sunshine and clean skies.

~ eh... jeans a black t...
~ I put on a nice shirt for a lunch date.
~ busy day... no time to skate... no time to think... just time to write.
~ oh, and I had to zooooom downtown to drop off some stuff at the office...
~ and go on a date. :) I had lunch with my best friends wife. Shhhh... don't tell anyone. (ar ar ar)
~ Survivor tonight...
~ and hopefully ... no more headache.
~ that nbbmom doesn't see a peach truck as she drives home from work today...
~ to smile and wave at the always precious lynspin... just because it's so nice to see her...
~ a bit of a high five thing... over to dinkydo (kinkypoo... can't help it... always sorta say that in my brain when I type your lj name, hence I like to stick to dee dee. :D :D)
~ and that pageeater ... gets all the spring she can handle. :)

no offense to my mexican friends... who, no doubt, are not getting any of this kinda news anyways...
But it's getting pretty darn close to "high time" the Canadian government started advising Canadians to stay the hell away from Mexico.
How many Canadian tourists have to be murdered on the sandy shores of that country before we start to get a clue?

I think the whole "google knows what you're thinking" thing is kinda cool.
I exchange an email with a friend about having lunch... and my g-mail window is peppered with simple text based clickable ads from Ottawa restaurants.
I get a few comments on some post I make in la la land about some medical thing... and presto, all these medical links show up when people respond to the post (responses get auto-forwarded to my gmail account).
It's just cool.
It's not intrusive... I don't feel violated... although, when you get right down to it, I'd be hard pressed to think of something that would make me feel violated... at least in any really negative sense (ar ar ar). No but seriously... I just don't get what people are complaining about when they are targeted by "directed advertising".

headache headache go away
~ no doubt I'll get "advil" advertisements for a while...