May 9th, 2007


Wednesday, May 9

(I actually "yawn" every time I look at that pic... :D)

K... big bags full of money may now start falling out of the sky and
landing in my front yard... any time now... mmmkay?

It's overcast, work is stressful, my side is still a bit sore and I suspect
that a little rain would likely be a good thing... what with all the mad
planting that's been going on. :)

We watched a few minutes of Dancing With The Stars last night.
I think it must be fun to watch the "stars" get better at the dancing thing...
And I think the women, dressed up in their sequins and down-right-physical-intensity...
But look... I cannot find anything but humour in watching the "pro dancer" guys in their black pants and plunging neck-line shirts doing that "watch how I can make my hips move at three or four times the tempo of my feet... and brush my hands down my own thighs at the same time" thing. It's truly one of the silliest things I have ever seen and ... gah!!! they look so serious. Of course, I kept picturing Napoleon Dynamite ... but never mind that... :)

~ jeans and a tee... what a life. :)
~ Geo to skooool, Ed waiting for Mom to go on a field-trip...
~ After dropping Geo, head to skate park... a quick work out and home again ...
~ work work work. It's madness level crunch time again. sigh.
~ see carpet guys at 3:30 so they can do some measuring etc.
~ is LOST on tonight... I think so. Oh, and Riches premiers tonight on showtime or bravo or something... must tape and see if it's any good. :)
~ take first steps to getting the windows and doors trimmed in the main room in the basement. :) I have all the trim, now I just need to "get cutt'en".
~ for kaar to find her way to feeling-a-whole-lot-better...
~ that nbbmom ... gets her project mitts on and that things work out...
~ that laciann keeps her finger on the "boss key" (view switcher)... :D
~ and for a little yellow ducky goodness to find it's way to [Unknown LJ tag]. :D :D lol.

I'd love to ask "Who doesn't believe in evolution?"
But nobody would answer... because, well... they know why.
That's the sad part... they know why, yet they still seem unable to admit to the real problem.
Gotta say... there's one born everyday.

peace, monkeys