May 8th, 2007


Tuesday, May 8

Mz Invisible... that's suz. :D
Yeah? Well I got yer "sunshiny lovely day" right here man... er... I mean, really... I totally have the lovely day all over the place. :)

Worker bee's were here replacing the "been broken since the day we moved in" fake window on the third floor" (there is no third floor - just the no-longer-broken-window). :D

~ blue, blue, red... ok, fine... maroooon (stupid word)
~ ftls, jeans, and a shirt... no sweat shirt, no sweater... outside... IS GORGEOUS!!!! :D
~ up and at'em... waffles for breakfast...
~ drive'em to school... then to the skate park for a half hour "go".
~ home to shower and ... negotiate with my clients in Regina. Have to change my next trip from next week to the week after that.
~ work work work...
~ go to a carpet place at lunch with Suz and get totally sorted on the flooring for the basement. :) (excited).
~ work work work...
~ and now? It's pizza and corn-on-the-cob time. :)
~ we'll see what the night brings...
~ to send some warm fuzzy kinda vibes out to astralle ... just 'cuz...
~ happy schmappy vibes out to princessblondie on the occasion of little skinny-minny's return home... :)
~ I could give a wee squeeze to pixiecup... because she's so good and love'en her little guys... :D :D :D
~ and ... to smile a lot at my TF... :)

If Oprah says it... it has to be true.
Sweet mercy... I watched the (taped) epi of the Oprah-is-god-hour with all the "black pundits" - including sharpton on the video feed - as they talked about Imus getting his ass fired.
I dunno... but the whole "black rap denigration music" vibe thing... sure sounds like this generations model of the "That Elvis and his DEVIL's hips" thing and "all rock and roll is evvvvvvil" thing rolled up into a ball. I realize it's a tempest of scorn that swirls around the "bitches and ho's" thing... let alone the "nigger" deal. Making a "national Oprah campaign" out of it... it stirring it into a teapot and everybody knows how special a tempest in a tea-pot is... It's a waste of time (in case you didn't immediately know that).
Dudes... It's a bit like the drug trade. Who you gonna stop? The drug cartels or the market that keeps 'em in business?
Don Imus was a total mental half wit blow hard ass hole... good riddance.
But it's not like Howard Stern hasn't sunk to FAR FAR FAR deeper depths of depravity, insult and disgust... and everybody seems to think his rights are worth protecting?

How many people are there in your world that you feel like... wish you could ... you know... just blanket in adoration, appreciating how much you think they're ... the cats pyjamas... but you never get to? hmmm?
There's so many in my world it's goofy.


k... I gotta go. :D
Have a great evening.