May 7th, 2007


Monday, May 7

ack... got me some o'that old'man sore body action today. :)
I spent a couple of hours in the brush behind the house...
clearing out dead wood, and fallen branches n' stuff.
My lower back is really not impressed.

It's a beautiful day... had a nice walk with Suz at lunch...
a new neighbor - someone we knew ages ago, when their
boy and Geo were in SK together... will be moving in soon...
and they're getting a pool. (I wish we had a "pewel" - but alas...
I'll just have to be excited about a neighbor getting one for now).

My project is ... beating me with a stick. I'm swimming in
information and I have to cut away crap and find all the
stuff I need to include in my reports and ... gah!!!
When I look down... all I see is Whelmed. Totally.

~ black, blue, blue and gray
~ ftls, jeans, warm shirt and a hoodie... chilly in the morning. :)
~ get a document outline completed and figure out what I'm going to write for the next four days...
~ write about AR finale from last night...
~ cross my fingers that there's some new HEROES action on tonight... :D
~ to smile "way to go" type smiles out to canuckgirl
~ that the day stays a good-day for teasdale
~ and that doowat's phone rings...

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday to sugar-misty... er... nola_misty. May you find all kinds of comfort in the new digs when that all gets sorted. I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy the year ahead... :D

So there's this girl... lets call her Dee... and she likes to go for a run a few times each week.
She has this lovely little dog... Lets call him Write-boy. Lovely dog... but his legs are so short...
Well anyways, after weeks of effort... the problems have sorted themselves out.
She thinks it's all worked out great... but she's gonna have to change his name to Stumpy.
Mr. Write? He things it's a drag....

(I am going directly to hell... I know this... )

what's a bulkhead?
Yeah... I've heard that a lot lately.

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Ambition's Season

To all things, there is a season.
Thus it is with ambition I suppose.
Certainly, being ambitious is a good thing.
To have a goal, and to work towards it.

But then there is blind ambition.

Here we see the muddled masses.
Lovely suits, franklin planners and circles of despair where their eyes used to be.
Working maddeningly towards an unknown goal...
Death, likely before it's time, the only exit.
In the race for the running, it would seem...
Not for the actually-getting-somewhere.

To all things, there is a season.
And so to you too there may come a time,
When you can see your path need not be more complicated than;

Be happy.
Live well.
And do the things you have to that make doing those two things possible.