May 2nd, 2007


Wednesday, May 2

He's there... little woody guy. :)
(edit: omg! haha... i mean the little wooden statue thing... it's in the background below and beside the window)

it's a stupidly beautiful day. Blue sky like a spilled can of brilliant blue paint.
I got to get back to the park for another morning session.

Milles Borne.
Who plays this?
We've been play'en it with the boys at night...
We used to play it like mad, but that was 20 years ago. !!
Question: Can you play a "hazard" when you're not on a "roll"?
I can't find anywhere in the little rule book that explicitly forbids it,
but ... we're thinking there was some rule like that... hmmm?
(fun game, requires thinking, math skills, learning french words,
and planning. Good game to play with young guns.)

~ dress up day...
~ black ftls, green trousers, black t and a nice green shirt...
~ er... well, not in the picture... that was after the skatepark, before the shower. :)
~ up ... morning routine...
~ off to skatepark again... another work out ...
~ home to work.
~ mid afternoon, I'm off to a big downtown "sector" meeting with the management of the Galactic Core.
~ LOST tonight... :) :D
~ to send some good vibes out to canuckgirl just ... 'cuz. :)
~ to shoot some congratulations out to moxielass on the personal best!!
~ I could ask jeremyb to go clothes shopping with me... :)
~ that thisismostlyme manages to get a whole lot better...
~ and to smile at whatilove...

Blind Man Wisdom.
You must have two pairs of glasses,
specifically because, if one pair breaks,
how the heck are you supposed to see
to fix 'em?

Yeah, so yesterdays "old guys don't bounce" incident
has resulted in a my first nasty of the skate season.
[ :: zomg... flesh... and bruises... :D :: ] *
~ tender, but ... I'm not thinking internal damage. :)
Just nasty.

K, and now... just say'en...
regarding the "how to / how not to Lj post" from last night.
tongue was in cheek.
You just post whatever you want, however you want...
Heaven knows I do...
and I would never ever fault you for following your own path in how you lj.
Not ever, not for a second.

Have a great day!!!!
See ya.

* : notes the cool guy use of the "z". :D
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