May 1st, 2007


Amazing Race 11 Updates!!

Amazing Race - The Retread Edition

The Easter Basket Hunt!! (gah!)

And they're off... to play with the US Overseas’s armed forces Guam! Airplanes, frustrated Cubans, Danielle crying in the bush, and that freak girl Myrna abusing humanitarian aide! Oh yeah, we got it all... and Phil – hands and all! ("poke poke poke" – charla and her garman GPS)

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Tuesday, May 1

Happy May Day!! :D
(Holy crap man... May 1 already? - wow)

Huge spaz... but ... well, actually ... not so much "spaz" as, "guy who gets what he pays for..."

I dropped the boys off at school, and headed over the skate park. Donned my Vans, helmet, elbow pads, and wrist guards, and proceeded to get a killa good work out. A couple of city-guys were there cleaning up the park area... other than them... just me, a clean park and 30 minutes of fun and exercise.
Of course... I did get stupid and continued to try "new stuff" when I was already winded... so, of course, I end up falling.
Forty five year old guys don't bounce.
just say'en.
Full body slam on pavement. I managed to curl in mid fall, broke the fall with my well padded arm and hand... helmet did a bonk... No pain... except on my hip.
So I'm all about hoping it's just a bruise. Took a few minutes to walk it off, and I feel fine ... except there's this very ouchi spot on my right hip.
Bottom Line: I really have to keep it up... going in the morning and getting a) the big ass work out - seriously kick'en work out and b) I'm never going to improve if I don't keep at it.

it's sunny and totally glorious out there today.
We (suz, actually) have bought a lilac tree, a crab apple tree, a cherry tree, and various shrubberies (and none of us say "nee").
The gardening bonanza is in full gear. :)

~ jeans and a tee... ok, black stripee ftls too. :)
~ up, dress'em, feed'em, and drive'em to skoool.
~ drive to skate park... get a work out... get a bruise...
~ home to work work work...
~ tonight? no plans yet, but there's always soooo much work to do, let alone kids to play with. :D
~ to send some good vibes out to a friend of caroline75's... who could use a little cosmic karma right now...
~ that my friend, ayoub ... finds his way through life's current tangle...
~ for ouroboros668 aka ... "car flipp'en maniac"... heals up well,
~ that I could spend a day, a week, a month... just hanging out with ninneviane... no, seriously... that would be nice.
~ and to say that ewtikins is one of the most rewarding... read: interesting, and fun, journals to read ... evvah.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar'n'spices... (sin_da_rella) and I hope you are well... well loved, well cared for, and have the opportunity to see your little munchkin when you can... Have a lovely day sugar.

Kick it up oldskoollj.
An official "Community Plug" from corto - oh so rare... :D :D
Been an Lj'er since the old days?
Go check out the regs and ... join.

Finished and paid all our taxes last night.
Man that was painful.
gah. Must plan for "tax season" better this year.

K... gotta go. :D
Have a great day muchachos, y muchachas... :)

how too...

How to blog ... lj style.

step one: keep your sentences short, and if possible,
insert carriage returns to keep lines "column wide",
instead of page-wide.

step two: say nice things about other people, and
say self-deprecating things about yourself, at least
until you do something cool, then put that in.

step three: if you can put a webcam pic of yourself in, cool.
but overexpose it to hide your crummy skin and imperfect
teeth. Everybody has great teeth and great breath in
blog-land.!! Oh, and show some skin, even if it's just your

step four: try to sound like you have some idea what your
talking about when you wade in with an opinion on
current events... even if you have no clue.

step five: when nobody comments on your post, post
another message that says something like, "fine" or "I guess
I'm invisible"

step six: find a way to include the letter "z" in things,
almost randomly.

step seven: mention something about a bodily function at
least once a week and if you score, make sure you mention
that too.

step eight: it's ok to say "fuck" 'n stuff... really!


How not to blog... lj style;

step one: write great giant run on sentences that fill, left to right, half or more of the computer screen.

step two: post lllllong videos of yourself being unbelievably shallow or ... basically brain dead.

step three: drag your partner or parents down to the pits of hell and roll them around in your narrative of their latest horrible act.

step three: post 1024x768 pixel images of yourself... and then twelve more of your dog and cat.

step three: constantly use internet-chat-for-dummies-speak, LOL U2RthePron Man, omg!!! (only cool people use "z" as in "omgz" or if you're reeeeealy cool, "zomg")

step three: forget how to count past three...
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