April 30th, 2007


Monday, April 30.

Wake up... sit up... look outside.
All the trees are laying on their sides... and dancing.
Fall over... drift back to sleep.
Wake all the way up... and observe the mad frenzy of mother nature having a good blow.
It's wicked windy... wicked.

Cloudy and ick all day... 'cept for just now.
All of a sudden all the clouds are ringed with blue and theres bursts of sunshine all over the place.
Still windy though.

Holy Huge Freakshow of a sinus attack today... s
neezing six hundred times before breakfast ...
takes the umph out of waking up... gah!

~ black ftls, blue jeans, gray t and big black sweat shirt... :)
~ all about work... waiting for feedback from the clients, and getting down to business on part two.
~ write about AR later...
~ wonders if Heroes is on tonight? Will watch!! :)
~ another coat of paint on the bulkheads...
~ for all to be well and well rested in the house of new baby... tonya's place...
~ to smile at ldy... and tell her she has lovely arms. :)
~ that txdevil gets over the ouchi, without too much drool'en...
~ and that things blow up nicely in the land of blonnie :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to mr. photogenic... :) (the_laird)... and, in the small world department... a bit of a co-worker. :D Have a grand day and may there be plenty to smile about.
And to andysoft ... happy birthday mr soft... no pants intended... er, no pun intended... um... haha... Ok, no seriously, have a great birthday and may the gods of prosperity keen you directly in their sights.!
A very happy birthday to a wee bit of sunshine... ms. sylvidoptera... Little miss sugar-mel. Have a wonderful day and for you, I wish in earnest... for good health and mad comfort to wrap you up for a birthday prezzi this year.

Tax time... must submit today.
~ dread.

I love how, from time to time, the radio or television gets Mr Calm Cool and Collected on to do some "Hey Look... we got a speeeeeecialist" analysis on Afghanistan and the myriad of troops that are there... and the whole affair. Mr 3C sounds like he's going to drive another nail into the fact basket about the disaster of that conflict or the fools paradise of reasons for being there... but then he does that takes off his glasses moment of depth and perception... and he goes in the bit that sounds like;

Oh now you have to understand that this needs to happen.
Good things are happening and the troops seem to reflect that...
And we have to finish the job or face the prospect of renewed terrorism and global unrest...

... and we're all... like, supposed to roll over and thank the stars for our safety.
Never mind that most terrorism has come and is coming at us from everywhere on earth (and mostly our own back yards) except Afghanistan.
And whatever "hotbed" of terrorist-xion exists there and is being beaten down... will just pop back up somewhere else.
Pretty much zero on the plus side of "net effect" for Afghanistan, let alone the rest of us.
Stupid wars.
Stupid people.
Stupid people having wars.

Nothing say's "I love you..."
like ... "I love you."
Accept no substitutes.