April 27th, 2007


Friday, April 27

Yeah... oh look at the time.
K, today has been weird. I was so busy all day... from the second I woke up... till, like an hour ago... that I felt like was running a race. Most of it was a mad dash for the ribbon at my keyboard for my client. Head down, applied self... peeled self off hours and hours later... theoretically done.


Hey... it's totally totally foggy out. Sick as thea poop.

~ black, blue, blue and black...
~ ftls, jeans, t and hoodie...
~ oh god... long freak-out day ... literally clicking send on the report at 4:28... regina time.
~ had the home-builders-handy-man dude in this morning... finishing off the touch ups for the "ceiling spackle patching" work related to the speaker-holes I could never use (long story...). He finished... looked at it... and said "You just can't patch spackle!. I'm coming back next friday to re-do the whole ceiling."
~ had "Sears Home Comfort In Home Service" dudes show up ... I was bitchen out about the upright washer and dryer... that the washer just seems to be shaking worse than before. It's not on a concrete basement floor so we expect some significant shakes during the 1000 rpm spin cycle... but it's seemed to be more freaky lately. So I called. They (two of 'em) took things apart, showed me stuff, tested stuff, ran loads and ... "sorry man... this is working great... it's just the floor/2nd story thing here." and then a lot of good advice about how to reduce the possible shake shake... No charge. (phew... I was worried because I was complaining and thought I'd get a bill if nothing was wrong)
~ went to Wendy's to pick up evil fast-food-kill-me-now dinner. They were so totally confused in there it was ... well, it was pretty darn funny. In the end, the "sorry you had to witness all that" and "Sorry you had to wait" comp'ing meant at least half of what I ordered ended up free... literally opening up the cash and handing me a refund for stuff they were still giving me... it was fun. I kept chuckling as they loaded on another freebie. Free potatoes, free chili... "oh would you like another chili?", free chips, extra drink... extra fries... la la la...
~ wanna sit down and write about survivor... :)
~ for the globe trotting jjnslat to lose those... um...other trotts...
~ and to wrap whatilove up in some good karma...

birthday moments...
Happy birthday to Amy's little marvel... littlepill. I know you'll not see this, but I hope all is well in the land of jaggedpill, never-the-less.
And to the long lost, and possibly hiding as some new name, katy_kate. I know you're out there, somewhere...

No question... Stephen Hawking cracks me up.

Gord O'Connor is a local politician that got his seat and then got tagged as Minister of Defense.
All I ever see or hear of this guy is him sounding as angry as a pissed off and hungry cat, and doing his best to avoid engaging the media.
How the heck did he make it as a politician?


How 'bout that "Canada turns over afghans to Secret Police who torture people" thing?
Everybody's up in arms and having a fit.
You should see the crap spilling out of Gord O'Connors mouth.
Lies... damn lies... and all that jazz.
And for what.
A few comfortable hand knitted blankets?
I mean... if it was about us handing over Afghanis... Ok,
but for a bunch of blankets?

There will come a time when you stop counting the moments
between your now and the time you think they'll walk away.
But you wont notice if you're eyes are shut against imagined pain.
Life can hurt... I know. oh yes I do.
Life can also be quite wonderfully surprising too.
You must let it... you must you must you must.

k... see ya. :)