April 22nd, 2007


Survivor XIV Update!!

Survivor XIV: The Toilet-Seat Edition

Slow Children Playing

Where in... the bone head boys get played... but good! Mrs. Unlikely wins reward and the camera club gets to go on a floating pic-nic, and then they all take off on a wild ride to a "gotcha finish" with Take That Suckka as the phrase of the day.

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Sunday, April 22

crazy beautiful weekend...
sunshine and blue sky...
warm air, cool breeze...
flipp'en glory days.

The "business trip" was a great success... but I've four more weeks of madness to get through for this client... the last week being back-in-sounds-like-vagina. The biggest downer of the trip? I started watching the movie "The Holiday, (Kate Winslet, Jack Black, etc.) on the plane too long into the trip and GAH!! we landed with 1/2 the movie still to go... sigh. It's downloading now.

Rogers (the wireless, cablevision, highspeed, and home phone service provider)... "traffic shapes" on bit torrent files - or so I've recently come to understand - and it makes for stupid slow bit-torrenting... so the movie's been coming down for a day ... getting closer. :)

~ black, beige, gray and beige two tone! :)
~ ftls, jeans (p-z), t and a summery shirt.
~ up a bit early, considering the late hour of "to bed..."
~ off to a "volunteers appreciation" breakfast for the club we sometimes go and "volunteer" at... making breakfast for folks. :)
~ home by 11:00... time to do some yard chores.
~ basement project... last bit of sanding and "priming" for paint...
~ things were different...

The hug you get from your kids when you come through the door after being away for five days... is not easily compared to any other joy in life.

My Trip ... in a quick lucky thirteen :)