April 19th, 2007


Thursday, April 19

Well last night was odd.
I went for a long walk to find pizza... brought a medium pizza back to the hotel and proceeded to eat the whole fricking thing (save one small piece). Needless to say I was up in the middle of the night chugging water.
I watched Medium - saving LOST my return to home and the comforts there...
Then I started in some client stuff... but after a half hour, decided to take a breather...
blink blink... 3:00 in the morning and I wake up, dressed, and thirsty in a well lit hotel room. :)
I called in my 6:30 wake up, turned everything off... and crashed again.
And excellent sleep was had. :D

I ate breakfast with a book. I'm reading "Pillars of the Earth"... a compelling story by Ken Follett that is set in the 1100's and touches the stories behind the building of Europes greatest cathedrals. Truly and amazing story.

~ Green Day.
~ trousers, black t, green striped nice-shirt (actually, officially now my "favourite shirt") and ... zzzzee blazzzer.
~ another madeningly long day.
~ three exec interviews and a presentation of findings to my project sponsor (clients). (this went very well, so I feel all smarty-pants for the moment).
~ hotel for writing... writing... writing...
~ out for an early dinner with my client (making my bosses pay for this one)
~ Survivor tonight... if I manage to find it on time ... time-diff tv is maddening.
~ more writing and another early sleep. (I've a (gah!!!) 7:30 am interview tomorrow... then two more... the airport time.)
~ for all that "birth'en" stuff to go smooth as silk for a dear friend (tonya) ... who I have had the grand pleasure of knowing and talking with as she: found love, got married, had her first little munchkin and now is off to the docs to have her second. (LJ is forever the "deliverer" of happiness to my life).
~ that I make the early meeting tomorrow with bright eyes and keenly alert - it's an important one!
~ and to congratulate weswilson ... on reaping rewards for his diligence and confidence. (go you!!)

Flat Land ... is windy.
A beautiful sunny day ... yet there is weather warnings a-plenty due
to nothing but the VAST AND UNQUENCHABLE WIND. Holy cow. In fact,
I wouldn't be surprised if a cow flew past.

I've a long road to follow today and tomorrow...
Life is good... challenging to be sure, but good.
However, I miss the comfort of my family something fierce.
I will bask in a very special kind of glory when I am home again,
and wrapping my arms around my children and smothering them with kisses.

k... time to go.

Have a wonderful day... :)