April 18th, 2007


Wednesday, April 18

More exhausted than can possibly be good for me.
Must get an unusual amount of sleep tonight.
Good sleeps that last couple of nights, but ... doing this is more tiring than... um, well... slinging drywall ... way!!!

glowing miners.... not glowing minors. er... that'll make sense later.

~ today was black, green, white, green and blue...
~ ftls, trousers, really nice button up shirt, fancy spancy tie, and zee blazzer... (blazzzer all weeeeeeek!)
~ 7:30 am breaky with the local corporate sales rep ... awesome!
~ 9:00 with the client... exec interviews at 10: 11: 1: and 3:
~ omfg ... I cannot explain how exhausting that is... I just can't.
~ spend day hiding my desire to act slack-jawed at how monstrously UP SCALE this client is.
~ now? FIND PIZZA!!! ... I just... like, .... want pizza.
~ tonight... start plugging client data into spreadsheets... oh joy.
~ my employer had a Timothy's Coffee Krupp "COFFEE GODS" one-cup-brew master system on every floor... :D
~ to congratulate wolfiegirl on her achievement...
~ kataish felt a whole lot better...
~ and that ladymeg1 would gimmi back my kitchen table..

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday Ellen (chicaboo25)!!! May the year ahead, bring you many more fond memories from feeding your obsession. :D :D !!! :D :D (meant that in a nice way... promise).

To sum up some mind boggling opinions I've read lately, let me summarize them into a made up quote or two...
"Yeah... well if all those other students were armed... then I guess the story would have been a little different."
Ok... OMG.
Just say'en... slice it up any way you want.
In the end... it's that kind of thinking that created the problem in the first place.
Unrealistic, poorly planned, and terribly implemented restrictions are no answer... I get that...
but frigg'en arming everyone to "even the field" is... kinda whack.
No, not "kinda" anything... it's whack.
I mean... unless you temper that with some kind of legislation and manufacturer-controls,
you'll just end up with different magazine sizes and things will still not be even.
~ snarf...

Dear Pro-life:
You make the NRA seem like the good guys.
Sorry... ya do.
Today was no victory.
I know. Who the hell would actually want a partial birth abortion?
That's stupid.
But the "Leaving out the 'health of the mother' caviet" is called "Pouring axle grease on the slope."

Things you didn't know about Saskatchewan...
There is more Tar Sand Oil in Sask than in Alberta.
Wheat is like... number 9 on the list of top-ten exports from Sask.
Number one?
Uranium. Highest grade ... anywhere.
and, Saskatchewan miners... glow.

k... time to call home then ... FIND FOOD!