April 17th, 2007


Amazing Race 11 Update!!

Amazing Race - The Retread Edition

The Killa in Manila...er... Malaysia

And they're off... or trying to be... but there’s a wee problem in the Airport en route to Hong Kong. Godzilla and her wee midget turn on their very special charms and make me want to keeeeeeeel them. It’s one stereotype after the next tonight and apparently there’s nothing Godzilla wont make the midget do to get out of actually exerting any physical effort... besides turning the midget into luggage and pulling her through the airport.

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Tuesday, April 17

Grapefruit juice... the breakfast of champions.. well, ok, not really... but it's yummi.

Gray... very gray... and seeing as I'm in the Airport district... there's not a spec of grass, not otherwise surrounded by a concrete curb and possibly fake... for miles. So yeah, lots of gray.

I slept like a frigg'en rock. I usually do in Hotels...

Radisson... really doesn't impress me much as far as hotels go.
Give me some of that Delta any time...
(yes, delta in Regina)

~ hmm... gray, gray, blue, blue and blue...
~ fts, trousers, shirt, tie and zee blazzzzer.
~ live at Toronto Int. Airport all day...
~ keep my fingers crossed for a stand-by win at 12:00 or 3:00 or 5:00...
~ Failing all that... go to Regina at 8:20...
~ sigh.
~ I was in my client offices ... now.

Perhaps... if the stars collide, I'll get online at the Airport and be able to say hey... :D

Checks watch.
Hmmm... still thinks it's yesterday. Must fix. :)

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no time to chit chat... but, I made it to flat-land.

Got on the 12:30 flight at the absolute last possible moment.

Later sk8ers.

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Regina... the view goes on for ever...

crummy web cam pic... there'll be better ones once I get home and get my hands on my SD card reader... (I really should have remembered to bring that!!)

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not for nuth'en,
but my 24th floor room has a window that opens.
screen's out, head and shoulders out, and made a cell phone call.
Doing my bit to honor the memory of the first time I saw The Matrix.

note to self:
you enjoy your work immensely when you can do it
in a thick, soft, fuzzy bathrobe with your feet up
and a fresh cup of coffee stink'en the place up.


Was reminded about the [ :: spoon theory :: ] earlier tonight.
So I thought I'd mention it, and link it, again.
Everybody should understand this, and let the "knowing" of
the spoon theory play a role in their decision making
when they deal with people in the big wide world.
You never know how many spoons it's taking someone
to play in your world.