April 16th, 2007


Monday, April 16

In all the days of my life, I've never spent a more white-knuckle-refuse-to-give-in-to-panic hour behind the wheel of a car.
I snapped that pic... still in total darkness... no clue what was going on outside my windows.
My alarm went off at 4:45 and at 5:20 I was out the door...
Kissed everyone goodbye, grabbed bag and lap top and zoom...
Scrrreeeech! All Stop!!
What was that?
That was a flipping blizzard.
And me without snow tires.
Literally either making new rutts in the snow or driving through twin paths that the last white knuckle driver made.
I was s'posed to be at the airport by 6:00... I was there at 6:29.
They checked me in... I checked my bag... thinking "heh... easier this way".
Then ... ?
Then we spent the next hour and a half waiting for our plane to be de-iced.
This meant I missed the flight out of Toronto to Regina. Heck, it was taking off just about 5 minutes after we took off.
Three more flights today to Regina...
Every one of them full to the teeth... with at least 8 stand-by's each.
The best they could do for me was an 8:20 PM flight TOMORROW.
I called my clients and gave the chance to blow me off for a week and I'd eat a flight home.
No dice.
Too many execs wont be there next week...
So now I'm in the TO Radisson at the airport... tippidy tapping away.

Oh, and the evil wind storm, vile weather... is arriving here in TO as I speak. Hotel windows... whistling with the wind.
Please pray to whatever gods you hold dear that my flight tomorrow night is not fo-bar.

~ now? jeans and a warm long sleeve shirt...
~ ug... swiss chalet perhaps? dinner...
~ the rest of the day... night... is spent in this room... working for my still very distant client...
~ oh... write about AR later... :)
~ and call home... :D
~ I was in Regina.

And so we can now expect a fresh round of gun control talk and radical backlash over things like; ammo sales, assault riffles, the NRA, etc.
What americans - who leap on this bandwagon - fail to realize is that Pandora opened the box. Wide. In fact, with all the help she was getting from Gun Enthusiasts and the right-to-bear-arms amendment, she snapped the lid clean off the box and ... then ate it.
There are umpteen bazillion firearms on the street, in houses, stashed, cashed, carried, hidden and displayed in the homes of private citizens.
New limits on sales and distribution ... even if they totally banned all sales... will not really change the number of guns that are out there.
That's like agreeing to not pour a sugar packet into a can of Coke.
In fact... new laws will likely only burden the members of society that you actually don't mind having guns.
Yes, any gun is a potential problem... stolen from the home of a law abiding citizen, etc. etc.
I get it.
Assault weapon restrictions ... sound great until you peel off the hype and look at what they actually do, or don't do.
The Assault Regs on the table don't do much besides creating a new economy around the sale of grandfathered weapons and yield seriously flawed (through the watering down, and brushing up process that has gone on for the last few years) rules about what actually is an Assault Weapon.
You'd think it would be simple... I used to... until someone took the time to walk me through the issue.
There is NO answer.

I'm not saying guns = good. In fact... I'm well and truly against hand gun ownership ... for anyone.
I'd do away with the organized sports that include shooting and make hand guns illegal to own or sell.
But there again is the problem that this doesn't actually address what is wrong in the US.

The guns are there... now... And that whack job in VA? Whatever was wrong with him... is wrong with someone else, somewhere else and the clock is ticking.



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~ tries to pry eyes open...


apparently I was a bit tired.

Last thing I remember ... was 4:00 and daylight.
~ blink blink... :)

Time to get some food.