April 15th, 2007


Sunday, April 15

Roasted Peanut Chicken
No biggie...
Cut up boneless chicken breast into long strips
Skewer them (fold poke fold poke fold poke)...
Roll the in [ :: A Taste of Thai :: ] "spicy peanut bake"
Roast on a pan in the oven at 350 till they're yummi.

It's another gray day...
The sun poked out yesterday for a bit... and we managed a good walk after dinner, but otherwise... the day was all about cooking, sanding, and cleaning.

The weather idiots are calling for a major winter snow storm in a couple of day... it's already beating the crap out of several US cities... The news item was like: "High pressure moving in across the US has brought storms and devastation... and will be crossing into our region... blah blah blah". So Ed pops up with "Exactly why don't we ask the US to keep this high pressure?"

Ah if only... imagine if we could leave all the high pressure to the US.

~ ripped up crappy jeans
~ the t I slept in...
~ wake up early... Boston Legal with Geo
~ finish lunch stuff with the boys...
~ get "sanding" for an hour or so...
~ shower and start getting my bag packed for the trip to flat land (Regina)
~ er... ironing... sigh.
~ for a lot of things... but most of them are a bit selfish. :)

Birthday moments...
From Saturday (April 14) a birthday wish out to the monkey. May the wind, as the engine of your happiness, be forever at your pleasure.
and also to Helena... my very distant sleep_walker. Happy birthday Helena (makes me want to say Newton in a high pitched voice - but ... never mind) I hope you enjoyed your day and that the year keeps you safe and happy.

And today... birthday bonanza time...
A big HB to little miss eye-for-design... brojef_nuptial. Have a wonderful birthday sugar-nups...
and to Christina... (giggly_girl) ... may your world keep you happy...
as well as to Sugar-Stick-Fighter Mel... (kendokamel). Happy birthday Mel. May your day find you covered in smiles.
And best to last, Mz Sugar-Bronze... Professor Mommy... (bramey) Have a wonderful birthday Bronwyn and may you, and your growing family enjoy the best of fortune in this next year.

We watched like... 3 episodes of Grey's Anatomy last night... the Ferry Boat accident.
This took us to ... like almost 4:00 am.
We are, indeed, crazy people.
Why ... I have to ask... does Izzy have such a huge stick in her about Torres?

k... must now go get covered in dust... oh fun.

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hiccup number one...
Air Canada phones and cancels my 7:30 AM flight out of Ottawa
Gets me on the 7:00 AM flight...
but can't guarantee that the Toronto to Regina flight will still be a go.

It's all that US High Pressure ... sheesh.