April 12th, 2007


Thursday, April 12

Yeah... so April snow storms and mostly just a piss off. :)

That "sanding" work I had hoped to do last night... never happened. I passed out on the sofa after dinner so hard, it took me an hour to come to my senses afterwords!! gah... tire boy. :) So work remains an aggrivated voice yelling for my time in my basement... Sanding, priming, and paint / re-painting still to go to finish off the bulkheads (boxes built on the ceiling to cover up duct work and beams, etc.). When that's done... it's definitely gonna have to be "electrical time" for the lighting so I can get the drop ceiling up... and then ... the floor!!! (oh, and then I have to trim all the windows and doors... recessed windows will be a bit of a trick). Then the big picture extravaganza... :D hahaha.

~ blue blue and to spice things up... blue.
~ ftls, jeans and long sleeve...
~ physio... getting there... really helping! (yeah!)
~ local console-game-store-zone to buy a gift card for geo to give to a friend at an upcoming b-day party. Just say'en... kids b-day parties in his age zone (11) are basically "gift card" harvests and it pays to have clued ones friends into which store you shop at... I mean.. instead of eight marginally "thoughtful" toys... kid gets a small fortune in gift cards... Good racket.
~ maybe get a chance to watch LOST tonight... and I continue to expect "pay back" for being so flipping patient with the crack heads that write that show. Give me punishment for the "others" and give it to me soon!!!
~ Survivor night... :)
~ for a book miracle to show up for crushdmb... :(
~ that beachdog catch's a break...
~ and for yumikid ... to continue having the strength of ten ordinary women...

The idea of having graduates of medical programs submit to a requirement to practice for X number of years in Canada as repayment for the SIGNIFICANT contribution tax payers make in subsidising their medical education is silly. The number of problems with this are prohibitive. What about specialization training taken in the States following a graduate program in Canada? How on earth to you police a program like that without breaching the persons charter rights?

I think a much better idea would be to stop madly subsidising the med-school costs on the way into the programs!! A student pays about 14K per year (average) in Canada for medical school. Apparently that requires about another 250K per year in subsidies gathered by the school from the national tax base. HELLO?

This is the big reason why some people are promoting the idea of forcing grads to practice in Canada for, say, five years.

Just drop the subsidization down to something a whole lot more reasonable, and make up the difference in LOANS for the 3rd and 4th years of the programs. Those loans are either to "paid back on a schedule that begins after graduation" or are systematically reduced by having a Canadian practice. Increased rates of debt forgiveness for practices in parts of Canada that are in the greatest need (i.e. small towns and northern communities). So the subsidies actually remain in place ONLY IF the graduate practices medicine in Canada.

I saw Slaughterhouse Five ... then read it.
There is no end to the impression that it had on me.
Certainly not the guy to turn to when you want to put a book down and be all smiles-chuckles-giggles-and-laughs... but if thinking is your game, then he's your author.
Rip Kurt Vonnegut.
Thanks for Tralfamadore, et. al.

It burns my eyes out of my head to see news stories about school buses full of little kids, cruising to a crash on a major highway.
Why exactly are yellow, seatbelt-less, school buses, packed to the rafters with our greatest natural resources allowed to drive on major highways?
Have you ever seen any of the footage shot inside a school bus during an accident. RAG DOLLS bouncing off the ceiling for goodness sake.
It's a crime.
It's terrifying to me...
'cuz my kids go on field trips too.

Peace. :)