April 11th, 2007


Wednesday, April 11

Like the proverbial calm before the storm... the sun is shining, robins hunting across the lawn, trees budding like mad... A simply beautiful day.
The forecast? Snow storm tomorrow. Weeeeeeee...


~ kind of a two-stage day so far...
~ up in pjs and something warm to do the morning deal with food and driving the boys to school...
~ home and zoom from shit to shiny with ze'blazzzer and off to a "three people in a huge boardroom" meeting clear across town.
~ home again and into jeans for an afternoon of client work ...
~ work work work...
~ dad's house with a "dimpler" drill bit when I get the kids...
~ play play play...
~ sand sand sand... I finished the "second mud coat" last night... :)
~ for some better moments, ouch free, to find phinnia
~ for nbbmom to ... put... the... knitting needles... down! Learn Spanish instead. :)
~ to send semi-random smiles out to yupjustme... just 'cuz...

(go scottish accent rolling the "R" in "great" please) Great big happy birthday wishes out to fireguy455. Stay safe... be happy... and may life bring you something special this year.

So... Facebook.
Just say'en... they keep wanting to "reconfirm your account" or something... this time they want me to put my cell phone number in... and no doubt their system will try and add every phone number I've ever dialed to my facebook. hahaha... I can see how cool their "link like mad" game is... but I still find the interface clunky... Always "looking for what to click" to get me a step closer to having some idea what's going on.

So we had our first community association meeting last night...
Ever so cool.
Interesting people... great enthusiasm to build a safe and pleasant community.
When Suz, the boys and I stood on the green grass of the community park under a brilliant rainbow, we decided to "go for it".
That was two Octobers ago... And I could only guess way back then just how amazing this new world would be.
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