April 10th, 2007


Tuesday, April 10

That's Dr.Who Season3 episode 2 and ... I love love love bit torrent. :)

Beautiful sunshine... visibility disrupting snow storm... beautiful sunshine... more snow... now? All clouds and brrr.

Life is crazy busy and filled to the teeth these days...
... and I guess I should be happy for that.
I know it beats bored and lonely... hands down.

[ :: April 10, 2003. :: ] Posted in my journal... D
"Are you happy? I am... almost all the time."
~ and this remains true to this day... unfailing.
~ [ :: she'll never run out of sweet :: ]

~ blue, blue, gray and blue...
~ ftls, jeans, t and warm-fuzzy. :)
~ up with the birds... morning rituals... that do not, btw, include any sacrificing... except perhaps some pigs... I burned some bacon. :)
~ drive 'em to school and head for physio... (see weird moment below)
~ home and "down to it" with the new clients... A Bank, for all intents and purposes... kinda cool beans. :)
~ Z and I took a walk at lunch...
~ and blah blah blah... with long telephone conversations.
~ having the first "exec meeting" tonight with the community ass. Fun stuff. :) no really. :D :D
~ finish up another bulk head... after the first messy tape, mud thing... then sanding... the second mud coat is very rewarding... it goes on sooooo smooth and flat. Is cool. :D
~ that a silver lining finds it way to ayoub
~ for the ouch to go away quick for txdevil
~ and to just say ... it's lovely to see so many good vibes coming from honuhoney... npi

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out over the big water to kissekat. May you and your wee family enjoy good health and happiness this year.
And happy birthday out to Paul.. (henman). May you never run out of races... :)

Yeah, so I went to physio... and during one of the long slow procedures... I kind of drifted off.
I had a moment of dreamy-ness... and through out it all... an old work chum, shawn, was standing against a wall in the background.
It wasn't a flash or a "sorta" thing... he was there, clear as a bell.
Then later this morning... ring ring... ring ring... It's frigg'en shawn on the phone calling from TO to chit chat about something.
No really.
Totally shoving the notion of "there are things beyond human comprehension going on and we have to just accept that" down your throat.

(TMI'ish... avoid if you say "ick" more than twice a day)
I'm at war with my thumbs.
You can't believe the challenge.
It's flippen "crazy person be here" time.
Bandaids 7x24... and when one is off...
I will literally catch myself making a mental excuse
for ... just picking that one thing...
It's madness man. They will be pick-free, soft and
manicured before this coming monday if it kills me.
I cannot understand what this out-of-mind imperative is
that drives me to pick away at my thumbs.
Yes... I'm weird.
You're weird too, so I don't feel so bad. :)
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