April 6th, 2007


Friday, April 6

Gray... heck, it was snowing this morning. Brrr. :)
Don't much care... I'm not working for anyone today, well... I'm working for me and thats diff. :D

Still haven't watched LOST from this week. But I did watch Boston Legal with Geo this morning.
The bw footage of Shatner when he was young ... not sure how or what the heck that was, but it was pretty cool.

Oh... and I watched Legally Blond again... There's no denying it... Great movie. So many great characters... and, I'm sorry... but "Bend and Snap" is just frigging hilarious. :)

~ strong bad...
~ totally shit jeans...
~ mud.
~ bicycles...
~ brrr...
~ play...
~ mud... and maybe a little door trim...
~ write about Survivor...
~ smile all day.
~ things made more sense, but then ... I guess things would be boring.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday dear stephiechai... May you and your family be a peace, wrapped up in good health and find fortune smiling at you every time you take a look.

Just wanted to hand out a big ol'Thank You to the christians for another long weekend.
Now if we could just get all the jewish and moslum holy moments turned into total shut-down holidays...
Krykies... we'd be swimming in lovely days off work. Well... if you work in a field that gets days off.
If you don't... please don't be doing the "Oh nice for YOU" guilt trip.
Nobody put a gun to your head when you were picking your profession.

Now... were's the coffee pot...


(no subject)

I need a static DNS.

I have a friend that needs to point his home-brew win2k server to a non-dhcp'ed DNS.

Any suggestions about a publically available DNS would be greatly appreciated. :D

Survivor XIV Updates!!

Survivor XIV: The Toilet-Seat Edition

Dance Dance Revoluuuuution

Where in... the Raruvian boys get diggen and Mookie gets gold in his pocket. Meanwhile, Nut Job (aka Lisi) sleeps with her fish. It’s dance dance revolution time, fuji-style, with rhythm bursting out of the Duke Duke Duke of Earl and jerky-white-guy movements from Boo, but at least we didn’t have to watch mr. magoo jive it up... Although we do see Magoo be the most wicked fricking spearchucker, arrow shooten miniature human evah!!!

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