April 5th, 2007


Thursday, April 5

It has snowed today. The weather man is calling for three days of snow.
This is directly related to my changing the car's tires on the weekend.

I make really really good brownies... the admiral notwithstanding.

It would be nice to visit Winnipeg... and yes, this is because of The Forks.

~ green, blue, blue and black...
~ fts, jeans, t and hoodie.
~ physio...
~ working on the gig... well, getting ready for the gig...
~ answering the phone to talk to someone downtown who was expecting me to be in his office...
~ going downtown to the office in the afternoon...
~ and ... survivor tonight... Thursday... today is actually thursday... :D
~ for health a'plenty in the land of Josh... in the house of tonya
~ cynnerth enjoyed being wired this morning...
~ for a corner to get turned in the life and times of carefreespirit...
~ I could bend the stars, the moon and the span of the heavens to my will.

[ :: Afhanada :: ]... I would never have been able to predict how deeply this radio drama impacts. It's not trying to be a bummer, or scare or anything... just telling a story. The thing is, it's a fricking amazing story.

bulkhead drywalling done in room one.
four day weekend ahead...
tape and mud a'plenty.

there are dreams,
and there are daydreams.
so very different.