April 3rd, 2007


Amazing Race 11 Update!!

Amazing Race - The Retread Edition

The Monster Mondo Double Leg Episode

And they're off... doing their level best to get the heck out of dodge and find their way to Poland to meet Chopin, and no Kandice he’s not the real Chopin... he’s dead. We got Eric reaching for new heights in the land of bad-boyfriends, the poor little midget is screaming at Huey again, and the longest gap between racers ever... The longest night ends with the shortest Knight and the peels of laughter were legion!

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Tuesday, April 3

See... we moved away from a densely populated 'hood ... single family dwellings and adjacent streets with rows of nice-towns... typical urban subdivision on 40 x 100 lots, etc... And we moved to an actual subdivision... but everyone is on 2 acre lots. Lovely homes - I've posted a bazillion pictures... with a big strong sense of community... Hay Wagon Ride for all the munchkins at halloween, the pond at the park becomes a skating rink in the winter... blah blah blah... it's dreamy.

So the developer is building 79 homes... total. We all pay a buck-a-day to a "community association" that is charged with the maintenance of the common grounds... two beautiful parks, bike, walking, running and hiking paths, pond, pumps, pump house, etc... The developer has been the de-facto community association... but, as per the deal, they turn this over to a resident-run community ass. when 50% of the homes are sold.

The "we've hit the 50% mark" meeting was last night.
Pretty cool.
Like... sixty or so people, the developer, their lawyer and an agenda. (Oh, coffee and yummi stuff too).
K, first order of business... walk around and meet people. :D :D There are so many young couples...
Second order of business... to listen to lawyer-man get folks organized to approve the existing financial statements and then nominate the exec (pres, treasurer and secretary) of the community ass. I had no expectations other than that I was excited about a community ass here and would want to help...
As it turns out... I'm the new prez. I got folks to nominate a fourth and fifth participant in the exec so we can avoid losing-quorum due to some minor issue, and today is a new day. :D
Kinda excited by the prospect.

Cloudy... but nice an spring-warm out there. :)

~ jeans and a t baybee...
~ the smile you only get from working from home...
~ back and forth with the new clients and corporate sales reps to sort out the contract. (excited)
~ start turning my last gig into a service offering for the team...
~ vacuum out my car. :)
~ totally enjoy my night.
~ that bulvai finds the sun...
~ for a little bundle of healthy joy to join Faith... demyankee's sister. :)
~ for joei to... feel loads better...
~ a random, quiet, peaceful kinda wish for venusrising...
~ and a bunch of healthy vibes out to cynnerth!!

Birthday wishes...
A very happy birthday out to kataish... may 25 be a magic number for you... and, of course, enjoy your day and the whole year ahead. I hope you spend the year chasing good times all over the place. :)

So ... a quick review of the lj friends page zone reveals that there is much pain, frustration and dismay at yet another lj being revealed as a fake cancer patient. Some of my long time LJ friends will know that I was devastatingly taken in by one of these years ago... It was - as they say - no skin off my nose... but it was quite the emotional roller coaster. I found and held comfort in the thought that the reality - not-ill-person-faking-cancer - was superior to the make believe zone. I mean... it was right up to the wire thinking this person was ... just... about... to... die. I was in tears trying to explain it to my wife... then PRESTO... fake, fake, fake fakefakefakefake!!! Faker. No question... clear as a bell. I highly recommend that you take the position that instead of knowing someone who is dying of cancer, you actually only know someone who needs a little emotional help (messing with your head is horrible, but nobodies dying!!!).

The real... the REAL problem with that circumstance is that it jades the fake'ees so terribly. I have a few friends in my lj land that are dealing with cancer and it took (takes) a great deal of faith to believe in them... and let myself open up and love them the way they deserve to be loved in such a hard and unrelenting time of their lives.

Don't lose your faith... acknowledge that you've been duped... find the silver lining (nobodies dying, their just sick) and ... don't let your precious heart fear the act of allowing another friend so deeply inside. Because if that happens... well... then the faker is winning all over again.

K... gotta jet. :)

(whenever I say "gotta jet" I think of liz vang... long gone from my f'list... but never forgotten. :)

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picture post time... (PPT)

needles in neck... accupuncture...

bulkhead... before...

bulkhead... after... (still needs tape/mud, etc.)

Purrrrcy constantly "steps" in her water dish... she's like a little boy... can't keep her feet out of puddles.
Must must must... keep the toilet seats down. :)

cookie cake... not a great pic... but the idea comes across. :D


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No seriously...

Dinner... we're having the first bbq of the season.
shrimp, burgers, dogs... yum.

George: "My burger tastes like cow..."
Ed: "hahaha... it smells like cow!"
Mom: "Well... that makes sense."
Ed: "?"
G: "that's because it is cow!"
E: "Well what's this?" (holds up hotdog)
Dad: "Pig... oh wait... all-beef... that's cow too."

Ed holds his hotdog up to his glass of milk...
"Hey you... d'ya recognize anything?"