March 30th, 2007


Friday, March 30

Wake up to c-c-c-c-c-cold air... but the radio promised heat... and here it is, after lunch ... and looky looky... sunshine and lovely.

So, I avoided the "pain" meds and just took the anti-inflams for the day... didn't hurt much. Ice was great... and my body sent several ambassadors to my ass to thank me for not gobbling tylonal. :) (TMI? awww... gee... I left out the exceptionally ick details... so ... consider yerself fortunate. :D)

Bottom line: I had a fabulous sleep.... first "great sleep" in fricking weeks and especially this week.

I have a wee bubble of happy growing inside... I fully intend to let it out when I get my ass out of this office. :)

~ black, blue, black and ... blue stripes. :)
~ flts, jeans, t and nice shirt...
~ off to the office for a mid day'ish thing... meetings and then home again zoom.
~ filled my plate for next week... gah!
~ write about Survivor later... :)
~ bulk head boy again...
~ oh... for a lot of things...
~ but wishing for my friends to have some fun on their weekend would do. :)

Birthday moments..
A very happy birthday wish out to the1mouse... and I hope there's nothing but smiles and squirming toes in your birthday celebrations. :)
... and where ever you are... have a great day kattaryna.

Ok... there has to be BSG fans on my FLIST somewhere... dudes... What-the-holy-hell was that??????

The season finale... wow - wow - wow!!!

HOWEVER ... I do not understand how they were all sure they knew what was up because they showed up in that specific room... what was that? Just because they all (four of them) showed up in that room ... did they know (or think they knew) that they were cylons.????

Oh... and I fricking love that... I was ga-ga over the episode. :) Loved it when Roz, and Boomer came to see Six and Six was like... "That's not possible".

Now somebody explain it to me? hmm???
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Survivor XIV Updates!!

Survivor XIV: The Toilet-Seat Edition

Boo! Your Other Left!!!

Where in... Lisi gets stinky with the boys, Yao gets another go at digging, and even spends time doing a little bury’ing tto. Sneaky little devil. Oh... there’s much barfing, moaning and groaning, and Dip Smack Mookie confusing slam dancing and pole dancing... all in all, loads of fun.

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Dear BSG fans...
~ Anyone know which episode number was the one with Tigh getting his eye out on new-caprica?

I'm pretty sure I missed that epi.