March 29th, 2007


Thursday, March 29

K... see that spot? After acupuncture and ultrasound therapy...
getting ready for the "gym" to stretch things out...
I'm putting on my sweatshirt and ZZZZZZZZZZZAP.

You know that fake angina pain you can sometimes get in your chest...
hits while you're breathing in... sharp, deeeeep and subsides as soon as you stop filling your lungs?
(gah, I know other people get this pain...!)
K... so move that pain into your shoulder, and when the sharp pain starts,
it just ramped up to, like elevendy-hundred times worse than the chest thing ever has,
and it was completely unlike the ouch going on in my neck with the back problem.
It was just wicked.... wicked.
Sudden onset... total immersion... then it slowly backs away.
Caught me off guard. Bad.
Physio dude says it's all related.

Lots of ice later, home to take the next - messes with my stomach - anti-inflam and away I go on my oh'fun'day.

Anyways... this was all over by 10... and I'm doing fine now. :)
But geez... do I ever want this to be over. !!

~ all kinds of comfy non-client-facing stuff...
~ physio first thing in the morning... after dropping the boys off.
~ a bit of a mental time for the day working on the last section of the client reports (It's all over tomorrow... end of March...)
~ "Student Led Conferences" after school... Geo at 5:00, Ed at 5:30...
~ home depot ... need wood.
~ home... Survivor night ... and more bulk heads. :)
~ for the time to sit down and relax... maybe even pour over FPs... hasn't happened in so long I'm starting to forget what it's like.

Birthday moment.
Happy Birthday jacqui. May you and your family enjoy the year ahead and ... I hope you have plenty to smile about today. :)

Totally a canada thing...
Former RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli... Let the poop and the fan become fast friends.
A bad cop is bad news...
But when this is fricking ridiculous.

Who are these people that stand before us?
Looking up to us and waiting to inherit the world.
We must ask ourselves what we are doing to their world,
For they will surely stand before us and ask of us the same thing.
All we do today will be paid for by our children.
We cannot forget how great their burden will be.
Not today, not tomorrow...
Not ever.


see ya.