March 28th, 2007


Wednesday, March 28

Yeah... it's all about sunshine and BEAUTIFUL out there today. So, of course, I must sit in a little cubicle, no window access, and geek away with phones and a lap top. My office ... aka "the study", is wwwwwway nicer. :)

~ gray stripes, green, green stripes and beige. :)
~ closing in on the end-of-contract... like a Ferrari heading for a wall...
~ downtown ... document edits, frantic phone calls, calming juices from starbucks and more phone calls.
~ home to be cook, dishwasher and bulk head builder. :)
~ catch up on TV? We still have most of the season of Gray to watch... :)
~ for kristiseriously ... to make it through the last few days before he's back...:D
~ that canuckgirl would win the powerball thing... That would be fun. !!
~ and for a little good fortune to make it's way over to talashandy!!

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday jacqui... come back soon. :) and where ever you are... may your days and nights be filled with the company of love.

It's interesting how we have developed a social acceptance around the notion of discriminating against smokers.
Discrimination, in all other walks of life and circumstances, is the big bad foul-egg-in-the-basket and we're all seemingly good-to-go with the verbal abuse etc for the "discriminator". But when it's smoking... no problemo. I'm not whining about restricting the places you can puff... Personally, I think tobacco should be an illegal crop and we can be done with it... but that's another story altogether. No... what I'm on about is how cavalier the attitudes are when it comes to smokers and how comfy everybody seems to be when they get a chance to discriminate against the smoker.

Who are these people that walk behind us?
It seems that only yesterday they were ahead of us.
Building the world we live in...
Creating the prosperity we so dearly protect.
Yet we let then languish in the background.
So quickly dismissed or discounted.
Indeed, they are us, but for the rising and setting of tomorrows sun.
How we treat our senior citizens,
is nothing short of how we respect ourselves.
Few others have earned the respect we so often neglect to afford them.
We desperately need to learn how to not forget.
Not today, not tomorrow...
Not ever.

What "hour" was 24 in? I really need to go in and count how many I have... I'm thinking (worrying) that I missed one in the first five shows... (record the whole season on the PVR and watch 'em all in, like, three nights. It's goofy... but buckets of fun.

See ya.
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